Maybelline Baby Skin vs Benefit Porefessional

I got a free sample of Baby Skin with my most recent Maybelline BB cream purchase from Guardian in Singapore (labelled Babe Skin and appears to be the Chinese version). I thought it might be useful to compare it to Benefit Porefessional which is a similar silcone based primer/pore smoother. If you haven’t used these before it’s quite fun, it’s almost a light airbrushing effect when you apply them. This is some initial back of the handswatches as I have some excema where I usually use this primer (inner cheek/side of nose pore-field) but thought it might be useful.

Porefessional is beige toned primer. It only comes in one tone. It seems to blend fairly well over a range of skin tones but some people report it giving a funny ‘cast’ on darker skins. Baby Skin is clear which makes it more friendly for wider range of skin tones. On my skin tone the porefessional blends well and gives a slight evening effect over redness. Image




The porefessional has a nice slightly powdery finish where baby skin dries to a slightly more dewy finish. In both cases a little goes a long way – think a pea sized amount for the whole face. It can be used by itself (although it doesn’t have an SPF so I wouldn’t use it alone) or as a primer/base. If can melt off relatively quickly as a standalone product in a hot/sweaty climate I find but it is good for 2-3 hours or so and given the ease of blending it is a nice one to have with you to cut down on the shine if you are having some photos or want to make a good impression.

Overall I think the benefit is the better product for my skin, but given the price point seems to be around 2-3x higher the Maybelline is a very nice subsitute and seems like a better option for very light or very dark toned skins.

I suspect teenage girls are going to find their brothers or boyfriends hijacking their Maybelline Baby Skin. It gives a super discrete smoothing effect and won’t look at all like makeup. Even the more metrosexual older guys might like to disguise some big pores on a date with out looking like they are wearing foundation.

My word of warning will be to test a similar primer before buying if you haven’t used silicon based products like this before. Some folks find them very irrititating and reddening so it’s worth trying at least a similar product before you buy.


Rose Lounge by Bourjois – Doll Hands time

I got a new nail polish with my latest GWP from Priceline, called Rose Lounge by Bourjois. In the bottle it looked like a baby pink, perhaps good for a french mani. I thought it might be fun for an ethereal neutral nude. It definitely look different – a little sheer for mine so a bit soft plastic doll nails, or perhaps presson fake nails circa 90’s .It was alternately repulsive and kind of adorable. Application was OK but a little sheer on the third coat still and wore very well until I took it off 3 days later. Image




What do you think? Are doll nails the latest thing? Team it with this makeup tutorial to take it to the next level…

NOTD -OPI I spotted the Lizard Mattified


I have been taking the L’Oreal Matte Top coat for a spin (so to speak) and I’m quite impressed. It dries quickly, dries to a good matte finish and has a nice easy to use brush for a mini bottle. The price is *comparatively* not that great at $6.95 for a mini but the mini does stop it all from drying up before you are finished which can be an issue with special top coats for me. I picked it up at the 40% off priceline sale (so paid 415 ish) and I’ll definitely get a new one once I get through this one esp at that price.

Catrice Petropolitan x Sportsgirl all that glitters

I had a long term crush on Petropolitan from all the pictures I had seen on UK beauty bloggers. I love a greyed out blue, and a blue-green and this was a greyed out blue-green with teal shimmer. Winner. I can’t seem to get Catrice polishes in Australia but found this one in Singapore so yay. (I hope some one starts stocking it locally as Essence is so popular and Catrice is the sister brand) It’s as nice as I hoped, all though a little sheer. This is 2 coats but I think it would be happier as a 3 coater as I have some patches of not excellent coverage at 2 coats. I topped the middle two fingers with a coat on Sportsgirl all that glitters which is a fine and meduim hex gold glitter topper. Its nice, but fairly similar to a lot of other toppers on the market in the sub $10 polish market. I do like fine glitter shimmer, it really makes the polish sparkle.


Silkygirl oil control pressed powder SPF 20 review


I bought a pressed powder in Singapore as I was having a terrible chin breakout and the humidity was causing my makeup to melt off. I know if theory I should have been letting my skin rest, but sometimes you just aren’t able to share your acne with the wider world. Silkygirl retails for $SG5.95 which is seriously cheap. The ingredient list is below, unfortunately its only on the box so a pain if you chuck it out and it starts giving you a bad reaction later!

The packaging is quite cheap looking, but that’s ok as I don’t mind a cheap product scrimping on packaging a little. Prefer that to them scrimping on ingredients! I also like that it come with an additional SPF as I quite like all the sun protection I can get, especially if I’m out all day with limited ability to reapply makeup.

The powder is quite soft and easy to apply, and it quite able to help cover & set makeup as you can do a relative heavy application due to the softness. It’s not kidding around on the oil control aspect though so if you skin is at all dry this will cake up very quickly and leave you looking dry. My skin tends towards combination/T zone most of the time so this powder wouldn’t suit my skin day to day for that reason, but I think it would be a really great one to have in a handbag if I was planning on a night out and thought I be looking shiny in dancefloor selfies!

Overall while it’s not as great as a highend brand, and not what I’d use at home where I prefer a loose powder it’s a nice handbag powder to use out and about or in humid/sweaty/oil situations. Image


New vs old Maybelline Pure Minerals BB cream formulation

The Maybelline BB cream has had a rejig and is now called “water gel” formulation. In other news it also seems to have dropped SPF from 50 to 35. Not cool dudes, I love me some SPF. I should probably also point out in these pic I have a different tone in the new formulation as it’s the end of summer and I’m at my very darkest (not that dark to be honest but it’s all relative!)

photo 2 photo 1

Initially these look similar in terms of consistency but the old formulation is definitely more fluid to start with and covers more space with the same amount of cream. It also has less of a scent which is nice, not that the older formulation has much scent but I prefer foundation with as little scent as possible. (Old form on left, new on right)


The older formulation seems to get into the fine lines more and dries to a slightly more powdery finish. The newer formulation stays more dewy and feels much lighter on the skin and more moisturising.

photo 3

I think they are even in ‘radiance’ and pore minimising, as the older formulation has a more light reflecting base where as the newer one seems to settle into the skin over a few mins blending and gives a nice ‘fresh dewy’ style skin.

photo 4 photo 5

I think the new formulation is a definite improvement but I do wish the SPF was maintained at a 50. Make sure you give the water gel formulation a few minutes after blending to judge as it does seem to take a bit longer to settle into the skin than the older one.

Guardian hauling!

I got distracted on my last trip to the Guardian pharmacy by some hauling… They have Catrice cosmetics now! Dammit, why doesn’t anyone stop these in Australia yet. So I ended up with 3 Catrice polishes for $5.95 each, one in Petropolitatan which I have been lemming for a while. I also got Confetti Fun from the Nicole by OPI Selena Gomez collection and some silkygirl oil control powder… love finding a powder with a solid SPF 20 rating. Finally I noticed Maybelline is now advocating a 3 step bb cream regime with a primer, cream, highlighter (umm, why not use foundation at that point) and a new bb cream formulation. I’m going to do a compare and contrast with the old formulation bb cream and see if the “Baby Skin” pore minimiser is similar to pore-fessional by Benefit in the next little bit.


Heavenly Highlights ‘cheek balm’ by Savvy by DB

Not sure why Designer Brands has this “Savvy by DB” brand in some places. Is that the younger brand perhaps? Anyway this is a highlighter I picked up in the recent Priceline 40% off cosmetics deal. They are calling it “Heavenly Highlights Cheek Balm” and it was in the $3 bin (so $1.80 whee!!!). Its a champagne coloured highlighter which I love, I know the trend is for cheek colored rose-gold highlighters but I like to use highlighters on the brow-bone and around the eyes in a “C” shape, across the forehead and down the nose so prefer them a little lighter. This fits the bill, is easy to blend and packs a lot of pigment punch for the price. It’s also nice and travel friendly unlike some other *cough*highbeam*cough* illuminators. Def worth doing some bin diving for aussie beauty bloggers! Image

I’ll do a comparison post with some other illuminators tomorrow 🙂


Wet’n’Wild Megaslick Balm Stain in Stiff Pink

This is another goodie from my Secret Santa – Wet’n’Wild Megaslick Balm Stain in Stiff Pink. This is seriously better than my expectations – it has a wildly bright blue based pink balm and lasting power that actually lives up to the claims of being a lip stain. It’s a bit of a chameleon in that the tone looks very different inside to out, and the colour takes about 5 mins to hit it’s neon stride as it starts off more lip balm-esque.