ELF liquid eyeliners

I have been eager to try some of the ELF liquid eyeliners for a while so I was quite chuffed when my makeuptalk Secret Santa (the lovely Buried in Boxes) sent me a selection in my Santa box.

I really liked the pigmentation and fluidity on the black and midnight (navy blue) eyeliner but was quite dissapointed with opacity of both the copper and stardust (opalescent) glitters. The applicator is a stiff-ish brush which isn’t entirely comfortable around my eyes, but I think I may have gotten a little spoiled with the applicators I am used to on other drugstore brands like Revlon and Rimmel. I find it hard to get a nice smooth cateye if the brush has no give so that’s a major thumbs down for me with a liquid eyeliner. Image

I think overall midnight is the best of these, and copper and stardust are probably best suited to layering. (Layering is more by teenagers style than mine so she has inherited all but the navy blue eyeliner out of these ones :)) The black eyeliner is *ok* but I wouldn’t pick it up unless you are a getting it for a great price as I think there are some just as good, if not better products in that price range. I’m stoked I got to try these before buying so I know what I’ll repurchase next time 🙂


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