Heavenly Highlights ‘cheek balm’ by Savvy by DB

Not sure why Designer Brands has this “Savvy by DB” brand in some places. Is that the younger brand perhaps? Anyway this is a highlighter I picked up in the recent Priceline 40% off cosmetics deal. They are calling it “Heavenly Highlights Cheek Balm” and it was in the $3 bin (so $1.80 whee!!!). Its a champagne coloured highlighter which I love, I know the trend is for cheek colored rose-gold highlighters but I like to use highlighters on the brow-bone and around the eyes in a “C” shape, across the forehead and down the nose so prefer them a little lighter. This fits the bill, is easy to blend and packs a lot of pigment punch for the price. It’s also nice and travel friendly unlike some other *cough*highbeam*cough* illuminators. Def worth doing some bin diving for aussie beauty bloggers! Image

I’ll do a comparison post with some other illuminators tomorrow 🙂



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