Silkygirl oil control pressed powder SPF 20 review


I bought a pressed powder in Singapore as I was having a terrible chin breakout and the humidity was causing my makeup to melt off. I know if theory I should have been letting my skin rest, but sometimes you just aren’t able to share your acne with the wider world. Silkygirl retails for $SG5.95 which is seriously cheap. The ingredient list is below, unfortunately its only on the box so a pain if you chuck it out and it starts giving you a bad reaction later!

The packaging is quite cheap looking, but that’s ok as I don’t mind a cheap product scrimping on packaging a little. Prefer that to them scrimping on ingredients! I also like that it come with an additional SPF as I quite like all the sun protection I can get, especially if I’m out all day with limited ability to reapply makeup.

The powder is quite soft and easy to apply, and it quite able to help cover & set makeup as you can do a relative heavy application due to the softness. It’s not kidding around on the oil control aspect though so if you skin is at all dry this will cake up very quickly and leave you looking dry. My skin tends towards combination/T zone most of the time so this powder wouldn’t suit my skin day to day for that reason, but I think it would be a really great one to have in a handbag if I was planning on a night out and thought I be looking shiny in dancefloor selfies!

Overall while it’s not as great as a highend brand, and not what I’d use at home where I prefer a loose powder it’s a nice handbag powder to use out and about or in humid/sweaty/oil situations. Image



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