Catrice Oh My Goldness with China Glaze Gold Digger

The Catrice polish is a bronze-y orange foil shimmer. It’s a little sheer again needing 3-4 coats but is a lovely colour for the start of autumn. The brush is really easy to use again gives a smooth finish to the polish. Overall it’s a very smooth self leveling polish for a foil.


I topped with China Glaze Gold Digger just to cover up some tip wear from day 3 onwards but this was the extent of the wear until I got bored after 5-6 days in 🙂




Guest Post: The Lifespan Of Makeup

Hi everyone, I’m guest posting today on polished PR. Check her out, follow her and give her some social media love!

Polished PR

The Lifespan of Makeup Title-01

It seems like every beauty article I’ve read lately is telling me when I need to dispose of my makeup. The problem for me, as with a lot of bloggers, is that we have a lot of makeup and some of it only makes it out of storage for the most special of special occasions. So, I thought it might be useful to explain what the makeup expiration time limits these articles give us are based on, the risks you run by using your products past these dates, and how can you extend the life of your products.

The first risk is of bacterial contamination. Bacteria loves to grow in warm, moist environments, so the biggest risks are in moist products (gels, liquids, tints or creams) that we use on moist areas (eyes and lips). The big offenders here are mascara, liquid eyeliner pens, lipsticks and lip glosses. Next up…

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NOTD – I don’t give a Rotterdam (matte top coat).

I am loving this L’Oreal matte top coat. It’s such a great brush for a mini and just works quicky and dries well. How pretty does this polish come out matte! I love the blue-grey subtleness. 


I need to get back to posting more regularly but the beta testing for the next version of My Makeup Collection is continuing and I’m totally busy. On the bright side I’m so exited by how v2 is looking!

Selena Gomez on Justin Bieber (Confetti fun x OMB!)

I got a bottle of a multicoloured glitter topper and shimmer coat from the Selena Gomez. I thought it might be funny to layer it on one of the polishes I have from the Justin Beiber collection called OMB! which is a sort of rasberry foil-shimmer. To be honest it doesn’t give the clearest view of either one but it is VERY COLORFUL and SHIMMERY and GLITTERY and I kind of love it. It’s the ultimate teen-dream nail! hehehehehe I really got to show Confetti Fun over black as it’s actually one of the best OPI/NOPI multi coloured glitters.


ImageImageImage Image

Edited to add; Here is Confetti Fun over Essie Licorice (plain black crelly)

essie licorice nopi confetti fun