10 Worst Things To Happen After Painting Your Nails

Too funny! and too true :/

Nail Luxxe

You’ve just painted your nails and then these things happen, disaster!

1. You have to search through your handbag

Where's my keys, where's my phone, where is all my stuff?!

Where’s my keys? Where’s my phone? Where is all the stuff I need now?!

2. Needing the bathroom

Need the bathroom

Didn’t need it before, but now that your nails are wet and you’re vulnerable, all of a sudden you need to go

3. Picking up coins

Trying to pick up coins

Let me just grab this change and…okay this isn’t as easy as it looks, definitely going to smudge my nails. (This is why America deals with notes)

4.  Eating

Peel oranges wet nails

You want a snack, but wait, can’t really peel that orange, or open a packet of crisps. Eating anything with your hands is a no go.

5. Untangling earphones

tangled heaphones

Nails done. Now to relax and listen to some music… but your headphones are tangled (again!) and the thought of untangling them seems worse than doing a rubix cube

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