Illamasqua polish hauling

I recently ordered a few Illamasqua nail polishes from Myer. After being frustrated at the fact I couldn’t get the cheaper sale nail polishes in the twice year Illamasqua sale Myer finally had a brilliant sale on the UV and speckled polishes and I picked them up for $5 each. Whee!


So far I have only swatched the purple ouja polish which is one of the UV glow polishes. I held off buying these as to be honest I am way past the time of my life where I spend time in black lit night clubs… the only place I go that is black/blue lit is the local public toilets near the kids toilets (the joys of inner city living!)

  However the colour is really pretty by itself so I’m glad I bought it! Th


It’s a shimmer purple with an almost golden sheen. The formula is slightly thicker than the normal Illamasqua polish and quite slow drying. However it’s wearing really well again and could have easily been a one coater (if I hadn’t smudged the tips having my cup of coffee while it’s drying :()


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