Mothers Day options that give you a little something-something

Revlon is actually having a pretty sweet gift-with-purchase at Myer at the moment. For purchases over $40 you get

– a lip-balm-stain chubby crayon thing (choice of 3 colours! yay so no getting stuck with the dud shade that isn’t selling),

– a parfumerie nail enamel (choice of 3 colours again! yay so no getting stuck with the dud shade that isn’t selling),

– a combo black pencil eyeliner/white pencil eyeliner, sorry “brightener’, 

– full size Photoready BBcream which I actually want to try,

– eyeshadow quad in some brown/smoky neutrals which is actually quite work friendly although you probably have about 5000 of these already

– cosmetic bag blah, so many of these…

This is actually not a bad deal considering these are all somewhat usuable items and although we pay ridic prices for Revlon in Australia with the gift with purchase it becomes a good deal. And mums seem to love Revlon so you could pick her up a gift combo pack and stroll out with a sweet gift with purchase. My picks for your mum would be the Photoready SkinLights Illuminator which is a lovely subtle liquid highlighter which is great for mature skin and maybe a lipbalm stain 🙂 Mums love the chance to show off something new the kids gave them and this style of lip crayon is still a bit new and different I think.

What are you getting mum?


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