How to start a makeup collection for under $100

My friend’s 13 year old daughter was asking me how she could start a makeup collection with her birthday money (about $120). This is the advice I am going to take with me when we go shopping.

1. Start with your face products. Get a lighter BB cream/tinted moisturiser for about $10. Head into a department/makeup store and get color matched for foundation. Ask the sale assistants for samples of the ones you like and head home and test them for a few days. See which ones suit your skin and look good in natural light and you can save up for this over time
2. Experiment with lip colours by the drugstore brands. Rimmel, Revlon and Wet and Wild do some fantastic lip colours. Try a few (a nude, a pink, red, purple just to start maybe) and them decide which are your go to colors. This should be about $15 Then you can save for some high end lipstick in your favorite color.
3. Mascara is good to try in mini sizes as it’s not a great tester item. Drugstore mascaras are goodto try – Covergirl, Benefit and L’Oreal all make great ones. Around $10.

4. Blushes/cheek colour are great to get in duos so you can do some contouring. Try the elf duos and then upgrade once you know what shades you wear (e.l.f. Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder). The Milani baked blushes, and Physisians Formula are also great value. I think a highlighter/blush wardrobe will be about $15.

5. Eyeshadows are great to get in palletes as someone who has a good good eye for the products has put them together. I really like the Stila cheek and eyecolour pallets that have a cheek colour, 4 eyeshadows and a highlighter for $15 and the Wet’n’Wild eyeshadow pallets are also great value. This is a great area to experiment with some crazy colours. $12 should get you 2-3 pallets, with 8-12 colours to experiment with.


6. Brushes – definitely get a big set of elf brushes for $12.

7. Eyeliners – get a pencil eyeliner (kohl/kajal) from a drugstore brand like Prestige and a felt tip liquid eyeliner from NYX. Also pick up a jumbo eyeliner in White from NYX that will double up as a eyelid primer.

That’s $90 full price but I’m hoping we’ll find some specials and/or gift with purchases. If we have some extra $ I’ll suggest some makeup remover, and a case or box to store it in.

Any other advice you can think of for a teenager just starting a makeup collection?


2 thoughts on “How to start a makeup collection for under $100

  1. Sunblock! Best beauty product there is! Although it’s near impossible to get a teen to see things long term. The Wet n Wild eyeshadow suggestion is especially good, I wish they were they quality they are now when I was a teen. I remember my first eyeshadow palette was 3 different shades of neutral brown and an out of place pink that I used as a blush – was my only one and I used it *forever*. Maybe grab a $1 elf eyelash curler while getting the elf brushes, curled lashed and a bit of mascara is often all a fresh faced teen would need! Have fun shopping!

    • The BB creams have SPF – trust me I’m obsessed. We get it drilled into us from a young age in Australia :O) I also told her she was gorgeous without makeup… but of course it can be hard to convince young girls of this.

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