How to make a app for free (or for $100,000)

I keep getting asked in real life how much if costs to develop an app. Here are my answers in order of ascending cost;

1) It can be free if you use a site like They have different pricing structures but if you are looking for something simple to (for instance) remind parents where and when this weeks soccer game is and who is on roster to bring the oranges you can build and publish an app for free.

2) Sites like como also have a ‘premiuim’ option for apps. You can also use sites like 99designs that allow designer to compete to design your app with 7 days of iterations. Then you can get a tender on building the app.

3) You can outsource the building to another country with a cheaper rate using a site like You’ll have to contend with time differences and potential language issue but providing you vet carefully for the required skills you can pick up excellent programmers for less than you’d pay in the UK/US/Canada etc

4) You can have it all done locally by students. It will take longer than a skilled professional but you’ll get some innovative designs and they’ll get some money for beer food

5) Get it done by a local professional. This is the most expensive, yet least stressful option. You can meet them, call them and discuss changes. Hopefully the extra communication and cost leads to a speedy delivery of a premiuim product.

So what are you waiting for? Go get started on your next project…



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