Mottle by Illamasqua Swatch

This is part of the Speckled collection by Illamasqua. Mottle is a pale green with the same mix of black matte glitters. It’s a very delicate color, and much prettier than the name suggests (mottle makes me think of decay and mildew). The color has worn pretty well apart from the knife I manage to slice through my finger & nail 12 hours after my manicure šŸ˜¦



Ulta3 Deep Rose Red Lipstick Swatch & Review

I picked up this lipstick out of the winter collection of matte lipsticks. The Ulta 3 packaging has definitely gotten classier, isn’t this quite attractive for $3.99!



It’s a relatively sheer yet buildable matte colour. I’ve swatched here against Ruby Woo by Mac to give you an idea of the pigmentation/moisture levels compared to a MAC retro matte. It’s definitely on the moister end of a matte lipstick which makes it substantially more flattering on little lip lines and more comfortable during winter than a true matte, without sacrificing the matte look. Obviously the wear time isn’t quite as good as a true matte either but for the price point it really is a great product and definitely a great buy in this price point.

This shade is a slightly more ‘wine’ red shade than the name suggests which makes it a nice wintery shade.



Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede

My day to day lipstick is the Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick. It’s drying as heck, but really stays on and the premuim pink color is subtle enough on my colouring to make me look signficant less tired but is not that bright. Unfortunately it seems harder and harder to get my hands on (are they discontinuing this range?) , and I’m not a massive fan of the doe foot applicator. I decided to give the new ultimate suede range a chance hoping they might be a touch less drying. I went with the shade Muse as that seemed to be the closest to Premuim Pink (my colour in Color Liquid Lipsticks)



photo 2

It starts off relatively good, definitely more moisturising than the liqiud lipsticks. The colour is sheer but buildable and has a nice finish as it applies.


But alas it rapidly dries out and the colour changes somewhat.

I think I’ll stock pile my older liquid lipsticks for now and buy up on the lipbalm stains šŸ™‚photo 3

Nouveau Cheap has a review of this colour and some others here if you wanted some more swatches.

Sephora Order/Prize Opening! (and a word of caution)

In case anyone was wanting a chance to drool over a serious haul, @katekilla has a post showing the goodies she got from winner my 100 followers giveaway last month!


Sephora_Order_BoxLast month I was the lucky prize winner of a giveaway from the wonderfully generousĀ Rebecca atĀ lastcontrast! The prize was a $50 US gift certificate for Sephora which I gladly put towards this order. I am relievedĀ I was able to use it for this order, as Sephora sure did give me a hard time about it. If you want to get straight to the goods, please skip ahead to the picture below. If you want to be aware of the behaviour of companies you may be buying from and are selectiveĀ about where your beauty products are sourced, please read on.

I had a write up ready to go regarding their refusal to honor this gift certificate as I was in Canada. I will summarize here. I had it from them in writing that they were keeping the cash for it and not providing any goods or refund to theā€¦

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Speckle by Illamasqua

I was not convinced by the bottle on this polish, but it’s a lovely classy and subtle polish on the nail. It’s a pale, “nude” (warm) pink with fine black and larger black matte glitters.




The finish is very smooth considering the amount of glitter, and the glitter is perfectly distributed so no fishing or weird technqiues were required to get it to distributed equally.

As with all Illamasqua it has wore very well and there is only minimal tip wear on two fingers after 5 days wear. The polish is also relatively easy to remove for a glitter even when using a standard basecoat.

Galaxy by Sportsgirl Nail It! over Scorch by Illamasqua

Galaxy is a matte glitter topper with blue and green hex glitter in a meduim and small size. Sportsgirl have been doing some pretty cute ‘indie-esque’ style matte glitter nail polishes which I love as I like the look but find the drama associated with the indie brands a little bit much to deal with.


Generally they retail for $8.95 for 10ml as well, although this one was on special for $4.95. I decided to layer it over scorch by Illamasqua (a pure white) but I have to say it did not want to play nicely with the illamasqua polish. Next time I’m going to try it over a cheapie essence or Ulta3 and see if it’s happier with those formulations.


I’m really happy though to see Australian shops trying some different looking nail polishes and not just duping OPI all the time!

Face-off : BB cream vs CC cream


This is a comparison post between BB and CC cream. I have chosen to compare Bourjois CC cream which has been my go to for the CC creams and the Maybelline watergel BB cream.The Maybelline has a SPF 35 vs the Bourjois SPF 15 so it’s definitely worth layering additional SPF under the CC cream.

The first thing to notice is that the Bourjois cream has a very fluid texture. It spreads very well and packs a lot of pigmentation into the formula. The maybelline sinks into the skin and gives a nice flush over the fine lines on my skin.Ā ImageAs the cream starts to settle more the tones come into play, and the more watery texture of the maybelline shows as a lighter/cooler finish.


The finish after 5 mintes shows a much more natural finish with the CC cream (B) vs the BB cream (M). One of the main reasons this has been my goto shade recently is that it is quite impressive in toning down the redness I often get in winter (not surprisingly as CC cream stands for color correcting cream). The bourjois claims it has a 3 pigment mizx with green to calm down redness, peach for dark circles/tiredness and white for brightening skin spots/freckles.


I though therefore it was probably worth showing how the cream dealt with lighter skin and visible veins. Again the CC cream gives a much smooth more consistent tone.

Overall I think the CC cream does a great job of color correcting, whereas the BB cream is more of any all rounder (better SPF, better illumination, more moisturising). CC cream is my go to at the moment as color is my biggest concern but when I wear the CC cream I do find I have to add illuminator and would also have to layer a sunscreen in summer so effectively only save the step of primer and some degree of concealer when considered next to a full foundation.

Bourjois CC cream is available from ASOS (for about $19) and there is currently a 20% off coupon to bring it down to $15ish. The Maybelline BB cream is available from most drugstores.

What’s your favorite BB cream?