Face-off : BB cream vs CC cream


This is a comparison post between BB and CC cream. I have chosen to compare Bourjois CC cream which has been my go to for the CC creams and the Maybelline watergel BB cream.The Maybelline has a SPF 35 vs the Bourjois SPF 15 so it’s definitely worth layering additional SPF under the CC cream.

The first thing to notice is that the Bourjois cream has a very fluid texture. It spreads very well and packs a lot of pigmentation into the formula. The maybelline sinks into the skin and gives a nice flush over the fine lines on my skin. ImageAs the cream starts to settle more the tones come into play, and the more watery texture of the maybelline shows as a lighter/cooler finish.


The finish after 5 mintes shows a much more natural finish with the CC cream (B) vs the BB cream (M). One of the main reasons this has been my goto shade recently is that it is quite impressive in toning down the redness I often get in winter (not surprisingly as CC cream stands for color correcting cream). The bourjois claims it has a 3 pigment mizx with green to calm down redness, peach for dark circles/tiredness and white for brightening skin spots/freckles.


I though therefore it was probably worth showing how the cream dealt with lighter skin and visible veins. Again the CC cream gives a much smooth more consistent tone.

Overall I think the CC cream does a great job of color correcting, whereas the BB cream is more of any all rounder (better SPF, better illumination, more moisturising). CC cream is my go to at the moment as color is my biggest concern but when I wear the CC cream I do find I have to add illuminator and would also have to layer a sunscreen in summer so effectively only save the step of primer and some degree of concealer when considered next to a full foundation.

Bourjois CC cream is available from ASOS (for about $19) and there is currently a 20% off coupon to bring it down to $15ish. The Maybelline BB cream is available from most drugstores.

What’s your favorite BB cream?


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