OMD2 – Last but not least

sally hansen swatch firefly

The prompt for the final day of OMD2 is my signature style. I like to choose an accent nail that draws out the colours of the rest of my nails. Sometimes this is an accent dotticure with the colour on other nails, or an accent glitter with ombre nails in the shades of the glitter. This time I did the main nails in Sally Hansen Firefly which is a pink/gold duochrome (with a very shy lime green shift that mainly shows up underwater), and an accent nail of Sally Hansen Splattered which is one of their new color frenzy top coat (over OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls). It has pale pink and black hex glitter, gold flakies and bright pink small bar glitter. The black glitter seems quite shy coming out of the bottle compared to the baby pink glitter for some reason?
photo 1

photo 2


OMD2 – Favorite polish (so behind I’m heading backwards)

My favorite polish at the moment is probably Emily De Molly Oceanic Forces. It changes regularly though, but I do enjoy a dark green-blue with circle glitters. On the two middle fingers I have Emily De Molly Oceanic Forces, on the two out fingers I have ILNP Purgatory which echos the dark green blue of the jelly and on the thumb I have Catrice Petropolitan which echos the greener tones of the glitter with some teal microglitter like the other two polishes. Unfortunately the weather is a little glum and rainy here so its hard to capture the sparkly depths of this mani – but it’s absolutely stunning
photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

OMD2 – Glitter Placement

I am SO BEHIND on this challenge. This is the glitter placement day – my first urge is to ramp up the bling when I hear glitter so I thought I’d go the opposite direction, and did a base coat of Butter London Yummy Mummy and a top coat of Ulta3 ShowStopper with a matte top coat. Subtle as I could make it!photo

Alas the flaw with my plan was that Ulta3 does not always play nicely with some of the 3-4-5 free polishes and made the Butter London gluggy and a bit prone to dings and dents.

NYX soft matte lipcream vs Australis Velourlips

While I have been waiting and stalking for Australis Velourlips I wandered into Target and checked out the NYX matte lip creams, which also get a lot of blogger praise. I thought a comparison might be useful now I have both.

Now note I couldn’t do a direct comparison as they don’t have identical shades. Australis only has 5 in the velourlips range and NYX has 22 in the matte range but only 12 in my local shop. I’m comparing Amsterdam from NYX (“pure red”) with NY-cee by Australis. The Australian local prices are $9.95 for 10mls for the Australis and $12.95 for 8ml for the NYX matte cream (but it seems like we are playing very inflated prices as the US site has the matte creams for $6 – which is about $6.50 in AUD NOT $12.95).


First up the packaging. Australis is definitely got cuter packaging! The doe foot applicators are similar on both but the NYX one has a larger head and seems a bit spongier. The NYX has a vanilla scent which is quite subtle and the Australis has a fruit floral scent.


The initial swatches show that the shades are actually a little more similar on the skin than they looked in the packaging. Amsterdam is on the left, with NY-cee is on the right. The initial texture is similarly although Australis probably a touch glossier.

After 2 minutes this is what they look like. The Australis has ‘set’ where as the NYX is still wet to the tap.

After setting they look quite similar but Australis definitely has the edge in pigmentation.


A (hard) smudge test shows the difference in texture. The Australis definitely sets to a strong stain where as the NYX is more like a matte lipstick texture. For your amusement this is my hand after washing with handsoap… the Australis is still not budging.


The better applicator is obvious once we get to the lips. I could apply a clean lip line with the NYX applicator which sure was not happening with the Australis product!


In summary

Australis wins for
– longevity
– pigmentation
– packaging
– price (in Australia)

NYX wins for
– shade range
– applicator
– price (in the US/Can)
– scent (although this is a personal preference!)

OMD2 – Fancy French tips with Lilypad Lacquer Chocolate Truffle

This is my try of a fancy french tip using a base of Lilypad Lacquer Chocolate Truffle which is a very strong linear holo in a reddish brown colour. It had gorgeous strong pigmentation and my camera seriously struggled to capture the strong holo.
The tips are Essie Licorice and Elf Liquid Eyeliner in Copper. The ELF glitter eyeliners have a very challenging brush and scratchy glitters so they aren’t great for my eyes but have found a great second life as nail art brushes. It’s also great that you can just wipe off and start again if you make an error.
photo 1

Australis velourlips in Ny-Cee

I finally got my hands on Australis velourlips in Ny-Cee! It’s a pretty matte red liquid lipstick. Its been on the bloggers radars for a while but my local priceline is consistently sold out (and only has a limited range of NY-cee and Mal-i-boo). I finally found a small stash of Ny-cee only in my local shop – nothing like only have one color available to make selecting easy!
It’s a true red, slightly cool in tone by only a smidge. It goes on easily and packs a huge pigment punch. It takes about 5 mins to set and then is good for upwards of 6 hours. There is a fruity scent which is quite nice, but sweeter than my tastes lie generally. Luckily it wears off quickly. The final texture is a soft matte.
My one word of warning is that a lip liner is a really good idea before applying as the doe foot applicator can give you a slightly ‘inexact’ lipline. Case in point below;

Best online beauty deals (for those of us not in the US!)

I always see these great deals that everyone gets online shopping in the US through Ulta or Sephora, or through brand websites. Alas most of those sites do not ship to anywhere out of the US/Canada regions or if they do have very high shipping rates ($42 from *cough*cough*). I thought a bit of a guide to beauty shopping online might be useful for those of us in the rest of the world.
First up there are some great sites that have free worldwide shipping like; great prices for tangleteezers for instance, and good for Stila and Urban Decay sometimes. Ships out of the UK so no nail polishes. They also send a 10% off for your birthday and have regular 10-15% off sales; you don’t even want to know what my stylist tries to charge me for Keratase. I buy this bundle for half of the shelf rate they try to charge in Australia. LF also do a 10% OFF new customer coupon. has free shipping to Australia over $30. They have a beauty section that’s worth checking, the stock rotates regularly but regularly includes the british drugstore brands like Barry M, Bourjois and Rimmel that can be harder to find here. In the higher end they have Paul & Joe, Illamasqua and Anna Sui products regularly on sale.
– is a good option for your asian cosmetics. The etude house products particularly often have free shipping from Korea and the sellers send groovy samples!
strawberrynet also has free shipping out of hongkong and is good for higher end brands. They are often in slightly different packaging and sometimes come without a box so are not a great option for gift in my experience.
Anyone else got some sweet deals they want to share? What stockists have I forgotten?

OMD – Dark (as your soul)

I thought for the OMD2 challenge Dark prompt I’d do a dark purple and dry brush some gold over the top. It didn’t go quite as well as I hoped – the gold really didn’t get as dry and streaky as I liked especially with the OPI top coat on but it was good to try out a new technique. The polishes are OPI Russian Navy and Nubar Unpredictable Taupe.

No Limits – Nicole for OPI Swatch

Today I have a swatch of Nicole for OPI No Limits. I picked this up recently when Catch of the Day had free shipping over $20 and I had an OPI top coat and OPI base coat in my basket…. leading to a total of $18.98. For $3.99 I got to pick a NOPI polish and save $8 in postage, so essentially it cost me about $1.

Oddly the website describes this as a black polish. It isn’t black. Its a very deep inky blue, the type that was very popular 3-4 years ago. Image

It’s a nice opaque polish, a one coater if you are careful and has work delightfully well. It’s not all that unique, especially as it’s been duped to the sky and back but I do adore an inky blue so it’s a good buy for the formula, pigmentation and wear time if you are in the market for something in this color family.