No Limits – Nicole for OPI Swatch

Today I have a swatch of Nicole for OPI No Limits. I picked this up recently when Catch of the Day had free shipping over $20 and I had an OPI top coat and OPI base coat in my basket…. leading to a total of $18.98. For $3.99 I got to pick a NOPI polish and save $8 in postage, so essentially it cost me about $1.

Oddly the website describes this as a black polish. It isn’t black. Its a very deep inky blue, the type that was very popular 3-4 years ago. Image

It’s a nice opaque polish, a one coater if you are careful and has work delightfully well. It’s not all that unique, especially as it’s been duped to the sky and back but I do adore an inky blue so it’s a good buy for the formula, pigmentation and wear time if you are in the market for something in this color family.




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