Best online beauty deals (for those of us not in the US!)

I always see these great deals that everyone gets online shopping in the US through Ulta or Sephora, or through brand websites. Alas most of those sites do not ship to anywhere out of the US/Canada regions or if they do have very high shipping rates ($42 from *cough*cough*). I thought a bit of a guide to beauty shopping online might be useful for those of us in the rest of the world.
First up there are some great sites that have free worldwide shipping like; great prices for tangleteezers for instance, and good for Stila and Urban Decay sometimes. Ships out of the UK so no nail polishes. They also send a 10% off for your birthday and have regular 10-15% off sales; you don’t even want to know what my stylist tries to charge me for Keratase. I buy this bundle for half of the shelf rate they try to charge in Australia. LF also do a 10% OFF new customer coupon. has free shipping to Australia over $30. They have a beauty section that’s worth checking, the stock rotates regularly but regularly includes the british drugstore brands like Barry M, Bourjois and Rimmel that can be harder to find here. In the higher end they have Paul & Joe, Illamasqua and Anna Sui products regularly on sale.
– is a good option for your asian cosmetics. The etude house products particularly often have free shipping from Korea and the sellers send groovy samples!
strawberrynet also has free shipping out of hongkong and is good for higher end brands. They are often in slightly different packaging and sometimes come without a box so are not a great option for gift in my experience.
Anyone else got some sweet deals they want to share? What stockists have I forgotten?


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