Australis velourlips in Ny-Cee

I finally got my hands on Australis velourlips in Ny-Cee! It’s a pretty matte red liquid lipstick. Its been on the bloggers radars for a while but my local priceline is consistently sold out (and only has a limited range of NY-cee and Mal-i-boo). I finally found a small stash of Ny-cee only in my local shop – nothing like only have one color available to make selecting easy!
It’s a true red, slightly cool in tone by only a smidge. It goes on easily and packs a huge pigment punch. It takes about 5 mins to set and then is good for upwards of 6 hours. There is a fruity scent which is quite nice, but sweeter than my tastes lie generally. Luckily it wears off quickly. The final texture is a soft matte.
My one word of warning is that a lip liner is a really good idea before applying as the doe foot applicator can give you a slightly ‘inexact’ lipline. Case in point below;


4 thoughts on “Australis velourlips in Ny-Cee

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