NYX soft matte lipcream vs Australis Velourlips

While I have been waiting and stalking for Australis Velourlips I wandered into Target and checked out the NYX matte lip creams, which also get a lot of blogger praise. I thought a comparison might be useful now I have both.

Now note I couldn’t do a direct comparison as they don’t have identical shades. Australis only has 5 in the velourlips range and NYX has 22 in the matte range but only 12 in my local shop. I’m comparing Amsterdam from NYX (“pure red”) with NY-cee by Australis. The Australian local prices are $9.95 for 10mls for the Australis and $12.95 for 8ml for the NYX matte cream (but it seems like we are playing very inflated prices as the US site has the matte creams for $6 – which is about $6.50 in AUD NOT $12.95).


First up the packaging. Australis is definitely got cuter packaging! The doe foot applicators are similar on both but the NYX one has a larger head and seems a bit spongier. The NYX has a vanilla scent which is quite subtle and the Australis has a fruit floral scent.


The initial swatches show that the shades are actually a little more similar on the skin than they looked in the packaging. Amsterdam is on the left, with NY-cee is on the right. The initial texture is similarly although Australis probably a touch glossier.

After 2 minutes this is what they look like. The Australis has ‘set’ where as the NYX is still wet to the tap.

After setting they look quite similar but Australis definitely has the edge in pigmentation.


A (hard) smudge test shows the difference in texture. The Australis definitely sets to a strong stain where as the NYX is more like a matte lipstick texture. For your amusement this is my hand after washing with handsoap… the Australis is still not budging.


The better applicator is obvious once we get to the lips. I could apply a clean lip line with the NYX applicator which sure was not happening with the Australis product!


In summary

Australis wins for
– longevity
– pigmentation
– packaging
– price (in Australia)

NYX wins for
– shade range
– applicator
– price (in the US/Can)
– scent (although this is a personal preference!)


2 thoughts on “NYX soft matte lipcream vs Australis Velourlips

  1. I am once again super impressed with the pigment on that Australis lippie. Have you tried ebay for NYX products? Some folks overseas have better luck with pricing there. Problem is you’ll have to know exactly what you want, and likely order a bulk amount to make it worthwhile. We finally have a selection of NYX here in Canada now, but before that I used to get mine from an ebay seller named joy017. Thought it was worth mentioning just in case it was a better deal for you!

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