Moonlit Woods by Revlon

I’m finally going through my untrieds pile and came to this bottle of Moonlit Woods by Revlon. It’s part of the Parfumerie range. The bottles are adorable and the polish is scented. The scent is hard to explain on this one, not entirely what I expected but a sweet floral sort of scent. The color is a very pretty silver-blue-purple but the very small thin brush makes it very hard to get the finish to the level that you’d like. An OPI style wide brush would be ideal however it’sd be somewhat hard to get it into the bottle!

Moonlit woods revlonMoonlit woods revlon


Bellabox August 2014 – Sport your style

This is the August Bellabox. It’s all pretty good, nothing stunning but all pretty decent.

photophoto 1 IMG_3727

The wipes are nice wipes. They will be handy, but as I have small kids I have wipes in the house and I buy the nice baby ones at about $10 for 240 so I’m never going to really splash out $6 for 25 makeup wipes!

The aveeno moisturiser is nice but doesn’t have SPF so it’ll be limited to non exposed parts of the body. Maybe my feet?

The Nuxe hand cream is AMAZING. Its so light yet moisturising and has really minimal scent which I like in a hand cream. I mean if I’m wearing perfume at my wrist I don’t want a stinky handcream messing with the scent.

The Australis lipstick is nice. I have lots of red lipsticks, but this is a decent one. Its a true red with a slight shimmer. The photo is a swatch and a smudged one – it’s going to need setting in order to stay on for a full day but it’s definitely work keeping in a handbag.


The Burts Bee cleanser is another winner. There’s not too much to stay about cleanser but it smells lovely and leaves the skin feeling clean but not crazy dry. The size is decent for a travel pack too.

The final sample is a sachet of Palmers body lotion which is nice – but not overly useful to apply at the gym! I have used this one in the past as a night cream. It smells yummy like chocolate!

Do you subscribe to any boxes? which are your favorites?

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Walk on the wild side – Essence

Walk on the wild side is a khaki green with a teal shimmer. It’s a quite sheer polish, this is 4 coats and it’s still a little patchy in places (and the many layers is not adding up to great wear). The teal shimmer is a kind of weird touch – I think it would be a much nicer touch to have a gold shimmer as the teal makes the khaki look muddy rather than neutral.


Par-ee by Australis

This is another one of the matte velour lips products from Australis. It’s got a great pigmentation again, but the shade on my skin does come awfully close to using concealer as lipstick! It’s a great base though and looks nice for a very natural makeup look (my actual lip color is a little more blue toned aka living dead toned). The matte finish doe emphasise any dry skin but the light colour helps disguise any drift into final lines)

Australis Paree Velour lips swatchAustralis Paree Velour lips swatch

The really fun thing of course is that these lipsticks can be blended, so this one is great to tone down some really bright colours for work.

Why I’m wearing makeup at the gym

I’m so annoyed. I just read another stupid article about why women wear makeup to the gym. So here are my reasons you might see me in the gym with makeup on.

1) I don’t plan my day around the gym. I’m busy and I fit in exercise where I can. I may have been wearing makeup for the event beforehand if I have time to duck into the gym at 2pm.

2) My makeup includes my SPF. I am pale and live in Australia and my SPF prevents me from getting melanoma. That’s not vanity but simply health care in the climate I live in.

3) The vanity aspect is so not a concern. Honestly I am usually wearing track pants and a tshirt – I’m a bit slobby at the gym. If I’m wearing a full face of makeup I’ll try and use a wipe to take most of it off but committing to full makeup removal is an extra time commitment and echoing point 1) I’m usually jamming this in.

4) I just don’t think about it. Simply I put on some makeup at the start of the day, but in day to day makeup I don’t think about the product after that. I don’t care or think about whether other people are looking at me cause I’m just on the treadmill or eliptical listening to a podcast. I’m not looking or judging others so I don’t assume anyone notices me.

So while I realise it might not be as great for my pores, it’s not the biggest deal for me. The benefits from the skin from exercise are primarily from the increasing blood flow underneath the skin. As long as you do a good clean at night the makeup will be removed and the benefits of wearing SPF as you walk to the gym (unless you can park at the door! ) are likely to be at least as useful as the benefits of going bare faced.





NOTD – Raspberry with black dots (OMB + Lunar)

My nail of the day is a pretty simple one, a raspberry pink base with black dots (Revlon Lunar). The polish is OMB (aka “Oh My Bieber” part of the Nicole by OPI x Justin Bieber polish collection from a few years ago). It’s actually a really nice polish and filled with shimmery glass, which I think is just about to run out. It’s somewhat amazing in a house of nail polish addicts that a bottle can get fully run out, so cudos JB – your decision making doesn’t tend to be your strength but your knocked it out of the park on that nail polish collection.

photo 1 photo 2

Bellabox July 2014

In this box I got

– Sample of Yu-Be moisturising cream
– Nicole by OPI nail polish in “Hello World” (full size)
– Lash genius waterproof top coat (?deluxe mini – 3.2g vs full size of 5.3g)
– Paw-Paw Plus hand cream by Designer Brands
– Coconut lip butter by Designer Brands
– Sample of Strivectin Get even Serum

photo 2

The box was themed as The American Beauty box which is a little random as the products are Japanese, US, US, Australia, and Australian. But I guess the APEC* box is probably a little bit less mainstream and more of a niche beauty-economist kind of box.

I was really happpy with the value, I always like nail polishes and Nicole by OPI is a good brand and I got a color I don’t own get (an orange jelly!). The Anastasia waterproof top coat is one I wanted to try anyway as I’m a smudgy McPanda eyes by the end of lots of days. I really like DB products as well and find they often punch well above their weight performance wise, and hand cream and lip butter are always useful. The moisturiser samples are nice but tiny so it will be hard to really see how they perform.

Unfortunately the nail polish formula is a bit meh, its very sheer and runny and gives a very definite VNL after 3 coats (and oddly make the VNL darker somehow, compared to a normal line so you look vaguely like there is something dirty under your nails all the time.

photo 1

* APEC is the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-Operation forum and includes those countries. It’s known for the leaders of the countries coming out wearing some quite lively shirts on the last day reflecting the host countries culture (loosely!)

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