Roadhouse Blues by OPI

Roadhouse Blues is a dusty navy blue. It’s a unique shade with a lot of depth and an absolutely delightful formula. It’s a cousin to Lincoln Park after Dark but leans to the blue rather than purple end. It’s a deep interesting shade, even as a creme its unique in my collection.



Benefit “They’re Real” Push up eyeliner

I have been reading with great interest the reviews on the latest Benefit eyeliner and finally snagged a little mini sample liner to tryout. For real it’s small though – 0.1g.


It has the standard accuflex tip that allows a nice smooth line and makes the gel portable. I am naturally blessed with oily eyelids so was intrigued by the claims;

24-hour* & waterproof
91% said it was longwearing*
88% said it hugged the lashline*
84% said eyes looked visibly larger*

It is a very long wearing eyeliner – I found I was only missing the ‘flicks’ of my cateye by the end of the day.It is very easy to get a lovely black line on the hand but a little trickier on the eye especially with the itsy pen end.


To be honest, it wasn’t as black as I hoped but is a nice true black shade. I couldn’t get it right into the eyelash line as the tip doesn’t give you quite as much flexibility as a brush. I also have thick eyelashes so it does take a bit more work to get eyeliner right in close. (I like a close thin line as I have hooded eyes.



On the plus side

  • very waterproof and a nice black shade
  • you won’t have to clean it like brushes, and
  • it is much handier for any on the go touch ups (ie wanting to boost your makeup at work for after dinner drinks)


  • relatively expensive for a small amount of product
  • hard to get into the eyelash line and adjust how the product applies
  • only available in one colour

David Jones has OPI for under $5

After all this time trying to sell OPI for $19.95 a bottle DJs has finally started bring the prices back to earth. They have some nice sales like Its Totally Fort Worth it for $4.97, Number One Nemesis for $4.97, A Roll in the Hague for $4.88, A Woman’s Praguegative for $4.88! I may or may not bought a few 😉 They also have free shipping and 3 free samples so I have some facemasks coming as well. OK, caught me out I bought 11 nail polishes for a little under $60. They also have the Mariah Carey mini packs for $9.97 but OPI mini brushes make me want to cry.

My Macaron by Ulta3

My Macaron by Ulta3 is part of the latest winter collection of polishes by Ulta3. It’s a darkened, almost black, red jelly. It reminds me of dried blood – very dark and vamp(ir)ish!

IMG_3826 IMG_3827

As nearly always this is a killer polish for $2, it wears well and has great pigmenation. The finish is nice if a little prone to scratches but that’s common for jellies as I am a bit of hard user of my nails (see: small children and lego)

Definitely worth picking up if you see it around, it will look fantastic under gold tones glitters as well.


Why is your blog getting less readers now?

I see a lot of bloggers wondering why they are getting less blog vistors/page vists these days. It’s a interesting question and I cannot answer in any authorative way but as reader I can offer a few tips on why I stop reading blogs;

You lose your passion on the topic that initially attracted me to the blog and start posting on another topic. I love seeing a great writer exploring different topics but if I hung off your blog for the latest nail polish swatches and now you post about your interior design tips I might move on to a new blog.

You post less and less often and I lose track of you. I don’t visit every blog on my list regularly, but if I see updated posts it still makes me think of you and you’ll be closer to the top of my mind. Also, boring topic I know, but you slink down the search engine rankings.

I found another blog that does the same thing but in a way I prefer! This is often the case for me when I find a great local blog that covers the brands I have easier ability to access.

I’m less passionate on the topic myself. If I am busily researching a topic like home design, or travel to a certain place I’ll read religiously for a while and then once I’ve completed the project I’ll move on.

The ratio of advertiser/press sample material to standard becomes boring. There is no magic ratio for this, and I understand that bloggers like to get paid, but given how rarely a published review from a press sample or advertisment is negative I am less eager to wade through blogs that become advertiser heavy as I turn to bloggers for a more unbiased view than the traditional media. Again this can depend on the blogger and they deal with issues but it can be a reader turn off.

That’s my list! What turns you off reading a given blog?

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Dutch’ya just love OPI

This is a dusty purple with red and gold shimmer from the Holland collection. That was a killer collection.

Dutch’ya just love OPI wore really well – like 2 weeks with OPI top and base coat. I never get that much wear out of an OPI polish! The only downside is the shimmer was really not as visible for me day to day as some of the shots I saw online but this is probably because the weather at the moment – very gloomy.


Good kisser vs A Novel Romance


photo 1

I headed into Myer this weekend to see the MAC Novel Romance collection. I was jonesing for a Lingering Kiss but it’s sold out at my local store. Bummer.

As a side thought I thought a swatch of a Novel Romance (L) vs Good Kisser (R) might be useful as I couldn’t really tell the difference on a lot of swatches on line. They are VERY different in person, vivid vs very light and silky.