Why is your blog getting less readers now?

I see a lot of bloggers wondering why they are getting less blog vistors/page vists these days. It’s a interesting question and I cannot answer in any authorative way but as reader I can offer a few tips on why I stop reading blogs;

You lose your passion on the topic that initially attracted me to the blog and start posting on another topic. I love seeing a great writer exploring different topics but if I hung off your blog for the latest nail polish swatches and now you post about your interior design tips I might move on to a new blog.

You post less and less often and I lose track of you. I don’t visit every blog on my list regularly, but if I see updated posts it still makes me think of you and you’ll be closer to the top of my mind. Also, boring topic I know, but you slink down the search engine rankings.

I found another blog that does the same thing but in a way I prefer! This is often the case for me when I find a great local blog that covers the brands I have easier ability to access.

I’m less passionate on the topic myself. If I am busily researching a topic like home design, or travel to a certain place I’ll read religiously for a while and then once I’ve completed the project I’ll move on.

The ratio of advertiser/press sample material to standard becomes boring. There is no magic ratio for this, and I understand that bloggers like to get paid, but given how rarely a published review from a press sample or advertisment is negative I am less eager to wade through blogs that become advertiser heavy as I turn to bloggers for a more unbiased view than the traditional media. Again this can depend on the blogger and they deal with issues but it can be a reader turn off.

That’s my list! What turns you off reading a given blog?

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