Bellabox October 2014

I am happy to say I got my bellabox before the end of the month this month. Yowser.

The best items are a Kester Black for Bellabox nail polish in Ruby Tuesday, which is actually corrally-orange more than red for some reason. It’s the first Kester Black polish I’ve tried and I’m utterly enamoured. The formula is thick but very workable and its a very vivid bright shade.


I also got a Rimmel Apolocalips in Celestial (101) which is a bright pink lip gloss/stain. It’s a very vivid colour when you swatch but fades to a workable colour.

I also got a sachet of a MOR handcream in neroli which is very strongly scented, so strongly that my kids have rejected their usual grab of the box as a ‘treasure box’. I also got some model co mixed sachet and some wipes, and a small travel sort of size deoderant. I also got a sample of pantenes new shampoo and conditioner. This should be handy as it’s the 4th set of them I’ve received this month. At least I’ll really know if it works on me, hey!

IMG_3921 IMG_3922 IMG_3924 IMG_3925


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