“The parcel” Spring edit review

I received my copy of the “The parcel” Spring edit review last week. They shipped by a courier company who seems to have us in some sort of black spot so I seemed to get it a week after everyone else.

I got;

  • an OPI polish in Amazon-Amazoff which is a super pretty blue-green creme from the Brazil collection. Oddly they advertised a polish from the Gwen Stefani collection and that’s what everyone else got but it’s all good as it’s a lovely shade.


  • A Revlon moisture stain which is so lovely to wear. Its in a bright pink but settles back to a wearable pink and is not drying at all. The name is very unfortunate though. Ughh.


  • Another set of the new pantene shampoo and conditioner making it 5 received in total this month. I get it, I’ll try it.
  • A small L’Oreal elnet hairspray. I don’t really use hair spray but it seems nice.
  • A deluxe sample of  Benefit They’re Real mascara which is great because I love deluxe mascara samples, they are basically the exact right size to use up in 3 months. Also a fiddly little deluxe sample of the They’re Real push up liner. I’ve reviewed that already here.
  • A sample of L’Oreal visionnaire. I like it as a serum but it does seem to make my skin a little sensitive if I wear it day and night.


I’m pretty happy with the box, the top items 2 are things I would but and justify the price tag. The others are nice extras.

I’m signing up for the year. Did you get ‘the parcel’? Anyone else get a non-Gwen Stefani collection polish???



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