Benefit Benetint vs Posietint

I’m a long term fan of Benetint, even when I’m wearing ‘no makeup’ I’m usually wearing a swipe of Benetint. But I had heard that posietint was a more natural version of the same colour, so when I saw a little pack of posie tint and highbeam on the benefit site I thought it might be neat to try them next to each other. (Highbeam is a throw-out after 6 month item which sucks because the full size bottle lasts forever for me, I mix using it with 2 other illuminators).


Also the fullsize bottle is a cool $45 at Myer so I’m not looking to throw them out with product still in them!


Awwww, Benetint has a little sister. It’s a 1/3 size bottle.


Benetint at top, posietint at bottom. They have distinctly different texture, benetint soaks in quickly and is utterly liquid and posietint is a little more gel like (although still quite liquid)


In the final wash, benetint is a little harder to blend and work with but gives a more natural blush where poisietint looks more distinctly pink.


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