Bellabox January 2015 review

So the bellabox crew seem like they are aware that people aren’t over impressed by the late deliveries, so the boxes are now solidly arriving in the last week of the stated month rather than the following month.

This month I got

  • a bellabox pouch, but no box. They gave the pouch an RRP of $7.95 but it’s really just packaging so my personal “what would I pay”, “WWP” is very low. Sorry bellabox!
  • a LAQA lip lube – RRP of $24.95. I actually like this and probably would have sprung $15ish for it on sale somewhere so that’s a plus. It’s in “stranger danger” (a bright pink) and has a pepperminty tingle like the Revlon Lipstain balms. It’s a touch thicker in consistency than those balms though.
  • a sample of wen conditioner. I’ve kind of wanted to try this since in inimicable Cat Marnell, late of xojane, gave it rave reviews. Also summer, for a dyed blond with grey hairs who goes swimming regularly, is sort of dire hair moisture-wise. I feel like my hair is a giant frizz ball.
  • a eency sample of Aveena tourmaline cream which I think I got last month as well
  • a 50ml sample of Brauer Calm syrup. I wouldn’t have bought this, and probably won’t again, but it’s not bad. I’m not huge on herbal remedies as I’m a little scared of drug interactions with other meds I take regularly, but it’s probably a nice option for someone with some stress.
  • some heel conditioner.

So it’s still worth the $15 to me as that’s the kind of money I’d throw at a randomn pink lipstick and I get to try so new brands.


Aussie polish, oy oy oy

I haven’t done a deeply themed polish for Australia Day but I do have two Aussie polishes. This is my Kester Black for Bellabox polish in Ruby Tuesday with a top coat of Ulta 3 Out of sight. Getting lots of compliments on it, which is always nice. IMG_4058

Happy Australia Day guys. Polish on.

Liquid matte red lipsticks – Limeshade Velvetines vs Australis VelourLips vs NYX Matte Lip Cream vs Stila Long Last Liquid Lipstick vs Savvy by DB Matte lipstick

There we go, that must be the worst title of a blog post ever. I really like red lipstick. I like it to look damn bright and last all day. I want to look like it’s been painted on by photoshop. I have been trying to find the best lipstick ever – and have fallen down somewhat of a rabbit hole as I have another 7 or so red lipsticks in traditional form. And some red lipglosses. And… OK you don’t want to know.


This is the suspects all lined up. We have Stila in Fiery ($24), Savvy by DB Matte lipstick in Miss Monroe ($8), NYX Matte lip cream in Amsterdam ($12.95), Lime Crime Velvetines in Red Velvet ($24) and Australis Velourlips in NY-Cee ($9.95). They are all takes on a red matte by as you can see in the swatch shot all have differing shades.
So my prefernces is for a cooler red as aI have dismal teeth. AS you can see the closest shade I could find by NYX is really quite warm and kind of the odd man out here by shade and Ny-Cee looks relatively warm next to some of the cooler version. Miss Monroe is a perfect true red.


Texture wise, the NYX creme is the most moisturising and quickest to wear off. Australis is thick in texture which can cause it to flake, but has an extremely matte finish. The Stila is another relatively heavy one – not terrible but you can feel in on your lips and the texture is more creme. The Velvetines and Savvy both have a very light and thin texture, which is nice to wear but you need to work quickly applying because they dry nearly immediate.

The Savvy by DB in Miss Monroe and Lime Crime Velvetines in Red Velvet are actually quite close to being dupes but the Miss Monroe is actually a bit nicer to wear because it wears from the inside of the lip out, where the Red Velvet sort of fades to a much more orange-red then flakes so it looks a bit dire straight after a meal. So while Red Velvet starts cooler, it ends warmer by the end of the day. Also, 1/3 of the price and regularly can be found on special at Priceline vs the rigmarole of getting a hold of Velvetines.

So my order of preference is

  • Stila (long lasting, nice balance of matte and moisture(
  • Savvy by DB Matte Creme (great price, nice colour,
  • Australis Velourlips (great price and lasting)
  • Lime Crime Velvetines (nice colour, hard to get a hold of, pricy)
  • NYX matte cream (doesn’t last, not as cheap as competitors)

Robot nails via Push and Shove by opi

My long term fantasy nails include “robot nails”. They are pure chrome, kind of what a sexy robot from the future might wear. I thought push and shove looked pretty close – it’s from the OPI Gwen Stefani collection. You have to use a special base coat called “lay down the base” then push and shove on top although you can only get minis of the base coat so there are some flaws in that set at the outset. The base is a smoother, and then you put down Push and Shove. It actually self levels quite well, starts off looking brush strokey by flattens out as it dries.


The big downside is that it bangs up SO quickly. The effort of opening the qtips and nail polish remover bottle (neither of which needed nails so much as just used hands) had my nails already chipped. This polish is not for amateurs. This is seriously polish pro territory. Which, sigh, puts me write back using nail wraps for robot nail times.

Stila Fiery for the win

Did you do anything exciting for new years? I didn’t do much but I did get given the Stila Glam Gems set and I’m now somewhat in love with Stila Fiery. Its a deep deep red and a matte long last finish that isn’t quite as matte as some of the other I own but still lasts a good 8 hours. Because it’s not quite as matte it does sink as far into my lip lines, which as I think most women in their 30’s can tell you becomes a concern as you get a bit older.


Coming up soon – a comparison of Stila Long Last Lipcolor with Velvetine with NYX matte creams and Australia Velourlips and Savvy Matte LipCream. Who will win! Dun dun dun dun….