Robot nails via Push and Shove by opi

My long term fantasy nails include “robot nails”. They are pure chrome, kind of what a sexy robot from the future might wear. I thought push and shove looked pretty close – it’s from the OPI Gwen Stefani collection. You have to use a special base coat called “lay down the base” then push and shove on top although you can only get minis of the base coat so there are some flaws in that set at the outset. The base is a smoother, and then you put down Push and Shove. It actually self levels quite well, starts off looking brush strokey by flattens out as it dries.


The big downside is that it bangs up SO quickly. The effort of opening the qtips and nail polish remover bottle (neither of which needed nails so much as just used hands) had my nails already chipped. This polish is not for amateurs. This is seriously polish pro territory. Which, sigh, puts me write back using nail wraps for robot nail times.


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