Bellabox January 2015 review

So the bellabox crew seem like they are aware that people aren’t over impressed by the late deliveries, so the boxes are now solidly arriving in the last week of the stated month rather than the following month.

This month I got

  • a bellabox pouch, but no box. They gave the pouch an RRP of $7.95 but it’s really just packaging so my personal “what would I pay”, “WWP” is very low. Sorry bellabox!
  • a LAQA lip lube – RRP of $24.95. I actually like this and probably would have sprung $15ish for it on sale somewhere so that’s a plus. It’s in “stranger danger” (a bright pink) and has a pepperminty tingle like the Revlon Lipstain balms. It’s a touch thicker in consistency than those balms though.
  • a sample of wen conditioner. I’ve kind of wanted to try this since in inimicable Cat Marnell, late of xojane, gave it rave reviews. Also summer, for a dyed blond with grey hairs who goes swimming regularly, is sort of dire hair moisture-wise. I feel like my hair is a giant frizz ball.
  • a eency sample of Aveena tourmaline cream which I think I got last month as well
  • a 50ml sample of Brauer Calm syrup. I wouldn’t have bought this, and probably won’t again, but it’s not bad. I’m not huge on herbal remedies as I’m a little scared of drug interactions with other meds I take regularly, but it’s probably a nice option for someone with some stress.
  • some heel conditioner.

So it’s still worth the $15 to me as that’s the kind of money I’d throw at a randomn pink lipstick and I get to try so new brands.


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