Bellabox March 2015 review


I’ve said before that Bellabox has a lot of variability in what you get each month. This is not one of the stronger months.


  • The blue box my kids love is BACK


  • a 10ml sample of Kerastase shampoo. I love Kerastase shampoos, but 10ml is tiny. That’s a free magazine sample size.
  • a 1ml sample of Revlon airbrush effect in natural beige. Not my colour and a tiny sample.
  • a highlighter. Not an illuminator, a literal highlighter by Stabilo.
  • Palmers moisturising day cream and makeup remover. These are Ok, but a bit meh
  • Nivea sun light feel daily face veil. It’s for use under makeup but I tend to wear BB creams and CC creams.
  • Colour theory eye pencil in emerald. It’s nice enough for a cheap eye pencil but very dark green and kind of reads as black in most lights.

IMG_4124 FullSizeRender_2

Anyone get anything better?


One thought on “Bellabox March 2015 review

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