Bellabox April 2015 review

The Bellabox April is a big step up on last month’s Bellabox. It’s got a full size Marc Daniels leave-in blue conditioner to tone and treat blonde hair, which is opportune as my hair is a dry, brassy and strawlike mess,  in desperate need of a hair appointment to get it back to my preferred icy blonde state. It’s also got a Yes to Carrots lipshine in Flirty Pink which will be perfect for post gym lifts, and some Nivea lipbutter in Caramel which smells amazing.

There is also some soap free cleanser by pure therapy and some anti-itching cream in sachet, which I’m eager to try as I’ve been getting this awfully annoying rash on my arms as part of my hayfever. It’s driving me NUTS so I’m open to all ideas.

There is also some Joico samples, which I’ll try – for dry hair again. Sometimes switching up shampoos can help cleanse buildup I find and give some new volume.

April Bellabox 2015

Much better than last months all up! What did you get?


Smitten with Kitten by Stila

Smitten with kitten stilaSmitten with kitten stila

I managed to pick up a smitten with kitten set from the Sephora in Malaysia. I can’t wait until I have a local Sephora. It’s $12 in the US, was 70 ringgit in Malaysia which is about $22 aussie.

You get sample sizes of the eyeshadow, convertible colour and lipglaze in kitten. The eyeshadow is a great choice, lovely brightening champagne. The cheek colour adds a smidge of pink but works great as a highlighter on the face. The lipglaze looks peachy at first but goes on a sparkly nude with just makes your lips look a little fuller. It’s pretty and has a lovely vanilla scent. I can about 4 hours wear out of a lipglaze which is astounding for me and lip gloss products.

Smitten with kitten

L-r, convertible colour, eyeshadow, lipglaze

I think the only issue people will have is that the eyeshadow is quite small, but honestly I have enough eyeshadow to last until the apocalypse cometh – I never hit pan on a pallet. I think I might actually be able to use these up which is good news in my book. Definitely a must buy and a great gift for any younger teens in your life to try and get them to dial the makeup.

Locavore by Rescue Beauty Lounge

Locavore is a fun and chirpy mix of green, blue and pink glitter. It’s all fine glitter, none of the indie style mix of chunky and fine glitters. It’s got a goodly amount of glitter which is nice, and would probably suit a gradient if I hadn’t sheered my nails right off 😦


Some blogs seems to suggest that Rescue Beauty Lounge Locavore can be used as a standalone polish, but using 3 coats as above is still pretty but doesn’t give you full coverage. I think you need 5-6 coats to get to that level and honestly my nails would be as thick as long by that point!

Stream of thought blog post

I’m currently up in Malaysia and haven’t had a chance to take any new photos or plan my latest posts as I managed to smash my camera. The life of a blogger, eh.

So what else is new in my life? The World Halal Conference is on near us, and has some pretty cool stuff on display. I love seeing the innovative ways that people get around using certain ingredients, whether it’s due to allergies or moral/religious belief systems. I feel a new surge of inspiration coming on to get My Makeup Collection working even better to help me (and other people) get organised. It’s amazing how much inspiration you can get from being out in the world.

I went to the IAMM today and looked at all of the beautiful artwork. It’s highly geometrical in construction and made me think about the way I sometimes get stuck in my thinking – art must come from place x, construction from place y. But we all use our right and left brain all the time, to different extents, in solving problems.

I’ve been reading 1Q84. It’s so good and I avoided reading it for so long because I was so convinced that something with such astounding reviews must be overrated. As it turns out it is that good, and I am reminded the value of crowd.

So that’s me. A meandering post but I felt like chatting. What’s new with you?