Beauty in bloom by Stila

I love my convertible colour in Kitten, so I was pretty excited to see this little 3 pack of convertible colours for sale at Sephora. The colours are tulip, peony and camelia.The texture wasn’t quite what I was expecting from a cream blush, but sits more in the gloss/wash category or opacity which does make it much easier to blend. The pots are very small at 2g, but this is a good travel size if you head out with a clutch or small bag.

beauty in bloom stilabeauty in bloom stilabeauty in bloom stila swatched

Tulip is a deep pink which is very pretty, but on my pale skin you’d need to use a light touch to avoid looking clown like. Peony is a surprise package as the package looks lilac but turns out to be a natural looking peach. Camelia is a lighter pink, approaching a nude on my skin. Camelia and Peony both have a slight shimer while Tulip is a clear colour with no shimmer.

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