Bellabox May – Sugar fix


First I got this box in June which annoys me no end.

Second the products, meh.

  • There is a Chilla contouring stick which would work on someone much warmer toned than me – seems to have a nice texture but I can’t wear it. I am contemplating if it might work as an eyeshadow.
  • A palmers night cream in a mid sized sample, which is OK but very much a supermarket brand.
  • Some wonderstrips which are supposed to help hooded eyes/monolids. Not going to lie, never going to try these. I’d rub them out and they don’t work with makeup by all accounts.
  • A revlon anti shine balm, which I love and use but in a sachet which is not great for this type of product.
  • Tiny aveda sample of dry remedy – not sure that’s even one usage in there.

Only half way decent thing is a sample of Paula’s Choice retinol, but no way is this box worth $15. Grrrrrr.

Other people look like they got an eye of horus eyeliner and a chapstick in a new yummy flavour so it’s a bit disappointing. Bellabox sure is variable month to month, box to box and not always in a fun way…IMG_0021 IMG_0022.


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