Bellabox June 2015

So I cancelled by Bellabox on the 1st of last month, but they still charged me for the month. Then they didn’t send me a box – so I chased it up. To their credit they did send me one.

It’s the winter warrior pack. The full size item is the showergel which I do like, but to be honest is on regular special for $3 at Woolworth so it’s not a special treat. Some udderly smooth moisturiser which is nice. A travel mascara by Elisabeth Mott “It’s so big”. This is a repeat from past boxes but they are handy for travel. There is also a new “Universal beauty” lip tint in a nice true red. I like it for a subtle kind of lift to lip colour – I’m a fan of mattes at the moment but it’s good to have some variation in your lip routine. Then there is a couple of palmolive shampoo sachets (meh) and a single double sided wipe. I’m sure they’ll both get used…sigh…


Tempted to try bellabox? – they run regular blogger promotions but I think this non-blogger 3 months of bellabox groupon for $24 is a killer deal. You can try it for $8 a month so the risk is pretty low. It’s usually $17.95 a month now.


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