I’m a 35 year old mother of 3 in Australia. I usually work as a business analyst, and combine this with some sessional teaching at a local university. At the start of October I released an app called “My Makeup Collection” on itunes which you can use to inventory your makeup and store your makeup swatches, details and reviews in the cloud. You can buy it here for 99c.

What I want to get from this blog project;

  1. I want to use up my cosmetics and clothing so that I have space for my stuff.
  2. I want to spend mindfully, so that I can afford what I need/want and don’t end up wasting money on lots of small things.
  3. I want to give back to my community.
  4. I want to write more, take more photos and purchase a better camera.
  5. I want to log which products and clothing I like to wear and use, and what makes me feel good about myself so that I can repurchase.
  6. I want to understand my emotional baggage around spending money on my appearance better.

So the task is;

  1. No spending. I will divert my monthly (estimated average) cosmetics and clothing spend to a donation to the local homeless shelter.
  2. Mindful purchases. At the end of the tax year I’ll use the tax credits from the donations to buy a DSLR.
  3. Reviewing my products on my blog, writing about what I like and what I don’t and why.
  4. Meaningful donations and pay it forward, where I will give away some of my stuff to people who will enjoy it more.

Please contact me at lastcontrast (at) gmail.com if you have any questions.


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