Wallis by Butter London

I’m a sucker for a grungy metallic and this green-gold shade hits the spot perfectly. It’s been on my wishlist for a while but when it came up on catchoftheday.com.au for half price, along with the Nail Hardware base coat and PD Quick top coat I pulled the pin.


I’ve traditionally not had much luck with wear time on butter London but using the branded top coat and base does make a lot of difference. It’s not quite Illamasqua wear times, but definitely in the range of OPI wear times. The sizes are also a little more generous than I realised at 50% bigger than their standard bottle with a volume of 17.5ml which makes the pricing a little more palatable.


See – isn’t it beautiful! Sigh, a perfect art deco type colour and so multi seasonal.


Priceline goody bag May 2015

I splashed out and spent up to get the recent priceline goody bag. I ended up buying

  • the revlon eye art pen in a brown-gold shade (30% off)
  • 2 rimmel apopoalips  one matte and one standard (30% off)
  • a rimmel powder in matte
  • a sally hansen polish in oyster
  • a l’oreal polish in mystery icon


The goodybag has

  • a revlon colourburst lip crayon in Flirtatious
  • a model prefer lip crayon in Pink Crayon
  • a nail rock nailpolish in a red glitter
  • a sally hansen polish in pink called flame on
  • a natio polish in pink called wonder
  • innoxa tinted moisturiser in buttermilk
  • L’oreal polishes in 24 carat and a purple
  • L’oreal primer sample
  • savvy clear brow gel
  • a glam manicure nail art set. It’s in bright pink  (“popping pink”) alas, but I’ll give a shot!
  • essie polish in fifth avenue red. I thought I had this polish but maybe I gave it away. It’s a bright orangey red.
  • an ecotool smooshy bath sponge. I love these and they get gross so quickly so yay.

Did you pick up the priceline bag? It’s a great haul for $66!

Bellabox April 2015 review

The Bellabox April is a big step up on last month’s Bellabox. It’s got a full size Marc Daniels leave-in blue conditioner to tone and treat blonde hair, which is opportune as my hair is a dry, brassy and strawlike mess,  in desperate need of a hair appointment to get it back to my preferred icy blonde state. It’s also got a Yes to Carrots lipshine in Flirty Pink which will be perfect for post gym lifts, and some Nivea lipbutter in Caramel which smells amazing.

There is also some soap free cleanser by pure therapy and some anti-itching cream in sachet, which I’m eager to try as I’ve been getting this awfully annoying rash on my arms as part of my hayfever. It’s driving me NUTS so I’m open to all ideas.

There is also some Joico samples, which I’ll try – for dry hair again. Sometimes switching up shampoos can help cleanse buildup I find and give some new volume.

April Bellabox 2015

Much better than last months all up! What did you get?

Smitten with Kitten by Stila

Smitten with kitten stilaSmitten with kitten stila

I managed to pick up a smitten with kitten set from the Sephora in Malaysia. I can’t wait until I have a local Sephora. It’s $12 in the US, was 70 ringgit in Malaysia which is about $22 aussie.

You get sample sizes of the eyeshadow, convertible colour and lipglaze in kitten. The eyeshadow is a great choice, lovely brightening champagne. The cheek colour adds a smidge of pink but works great as a highlighter on the face. The lipglaze looks peachy at first but goes on a sparkly nude with just makes your lips look a little fuller. It’s pretty and has a lovely vanilla scent. I can about 4 hours wear out of a lipglaze which is astounding for me and lip gloss products.

Smitten with kitten

L-r, convertible colour, eyeshadow, lipglaze

I think the only issue people will have is that the eyeshadow is quite small, but honestly I have enough eyeshadow to last until the apocalypse cometh – I never hit pan on a pallet. I think I might actually be able to use these up which is good news in my book. Definitely a must buy and a great gift for any younger teens in your life to try and get them to dial the makeup.

Bellabox Feb review

I’ve really happy to say that Bellabox really knocked it out of the park with this months box. There was a choice of 3 boxes curated by different magazine editors which you could choose from if you got last months box early (I didn’t). I ended up with the Harper Bazaar box which was actually really good.

I got a

  • essie nail polish in Haute in the Heat – a deep raspberry pink. The pic below is one coat, it’s amazingly pigmented. This is the best essie polish I’ve ever tried.
  • Burts Bees Lemon Cuticle Cream in a mini
  • Harpers Bazaar from March
  • another mini of Aveda Touramaline Creme and Cleanser (!)
  • sachets of Transformulas marine miracle creme and lip volume
  • a 30ml mini of Soak body lotion
  • a 2 sacheta of zk’in line smoothing serum.


It’s really great value for $15 this month – that’s easily $30-40 of value even for me. If you are thinking about joining this is my affliate link.

It’s actually really good value – the first 3 items are easily worth over $15 to me and I get to try some other moisturisers and stuff. Yay. If you want to sign up this is my referal link.

Dupe-ish; Illamasqua Precision Ink in Wisdom vs NYX Aqua Luxe Liner in Golden

I really love my Illamasqua precision ink in Wisdom, it’s a touch less intense for days when I’m not doing a gel liner and has just a touch of sparkle. Unfortunately at $32 it’s a little pricy for something you are supposed to throw out after 3 months (damn you liquid eyeliners!).


I just found this dupe-ish liner from NYX (R. vs Illamasqua on the left) which is also waterproof and long wearing and has a very similar black with light gold sparkles effect and it was $7 on special. So yay. The NYX is a touch more sparkly and has a true brush rather than the silicon nub tip, which I like as I seem to get better control with a brush.

Liquid matte red lipsticks – Limeshade Velvetines vs Australis VelourLips vs NYX Matte Lip Cream vs Stila Long Last Liquid Lipstick vs Savvy by DB Matte lipstick

There we go, that must be the worst title of a blog post ever. I really like red lipstick. I like it to look damn bright and last all day. I want to look like it’s been painted on by photoshop. I have been trying to find the best lipstick ever – and have fallen down somewhat of a rabbit hole as I have another 7 or so red lipsticks in traditional form. And some red lipglosses. And… OK you don’t want to know.


This is the suspects all lined up. We have Stila in Fiery ($24), Savvy by DB Matte lipstick in Miss Monroe ($8), NYX Matte lip cream in Amsterdam ($12.95), Lime Crime Velvetines in Red Velvet ($24) and Australis Velourlips in NY-Cee ($9.95). They are all takes on a red matte by as you can see in the swatch shot all have differing shades.
So my prefernces is for a cooler red as aI have dismal teeth. AS you can see the closest shade I could find by NYX is really quite warm and kind of the odd man out here by shade and Ny-Cee looks relatively warm next to some of the cooler version. Miss Monroe is a perfect true red.


Texture wise, the NYX creme is the most moisturising and quickest to wear off. Australis is thick in texture which can cause it to flake, but has an extremely matte finish. The Stila is another relatively heavy one – not terrible but you can feel in on your lips and the texture is more creme. The Velvetines and Savvy both have a very light and thin texture, which is nice to wear but you need to work quickly applying because they dry nearly immediate.

The Savvy by DB in Miss Monroe and Lime Crime Velvetines in Red Velvet are actually quite close to being dupes but the Miss Monroe is actually a bit nicer to wear because it wears from the inside of the lip out, where the Red Velvet sort of fades to a much more orange-red then flakes so it looks a bit dire straight after a meal. So while Red Velvet starts cooler, it ends warmer by the end of the day. Also, 1/3 of the price and regularly can be found on special at Priceline vs the rigmarole of getting a hold of Velvetines.

So my order of preference is

  • Stila (long lasting, nice balance of matte and moisture(
  • Savvy by DB Matte Creme (great price, nice colour,
  • Australis Velourlips (great price and lasting)
  • Lime Crime Velvetines (nice colour, hard to get a hold of, pricy)
  • NYX matte cream (doesn’t last, not as cheap as competitors)

Priceline 40% off cosmetics haul

For the last Priceline 40% off cosmetics sale I gave myself a $50 budget and told myself I had to get some gifts with the hauling. I ended up with;

  • Essence Superfine liquid eyeliner pen
  • Velourlips in Grandmaster Pash (backup/maybe a giveaway?)
  • Velourlips in NY-Cee (backup/maybe a giveaway?)
  • Velourlips in HON-O-LOO-LOO – I really wanted ho-chi-min but it was gone. I’m hoping I can swapsy 😦
  • Velourlips – Rhi-Rhi-Wind – this is the other limited edition velourlips I wanted with the metallic shimmer
  • Savvy Ultra Matte in Miss Monroe – I kind of want to see how these look compared to the velourlips which as you can see I am addicted to
  • Finishing mist by Australis – I know this won’t be as good as the UD All nighter spray but I want to see how it holds up as summer approaches.
  • Maybelline Gel Eyeliner – a friend as just permanently swapped out her MAC Fluidline for this so wanted to try it.


What’s your advice – what should I keep and what should I giveaway 🙂

Yet another cheeky subscription box – Look Fantastic

That’s not entirely true, because the Look Fantastic beauty box isn’t one that you have to subscribe to – you just buy the ones you want. It’s 15 pounds include international shipping which is quite a bargain compared to the normal beauty boxes we have available in Australia I think. The October box arrived for me on November 20th and included

  • a 30ml sample of Eve Lom cleanser
  • a 15ml sample of Youth Mud Mask by Glam Glow
  • Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex 15ml
  • Nuxe Nuxellence Jeunesse 15ml
  • Monu Soothing Touch Recovery Balm 30ml
  • CID crayon full size

There’s a couple of brands I’m not that familar with (Monu, Hand Chemistry) but all together it’s a nice mix of skincare and dare I say … quite a nice mix for those of us who are a little older.  I like that it is the mid to high level brands as most of the Australian brands get either drugstore to mid level brands or indie brands so it’s a nice broadening of what is on offer to us.


I’m a bit perplexed by the idea the CID crayon is a lip or cheek balm as it’s much more suited for a lip stain but I was pretty impressed with the colour, especially when I realised it wasn’t as vividly purple as the end stop made it seem! It’s a pretty berry pink with a slight purple glimmer which looks lovely on.


I’m getting the next one!!

 ps – It also came with a 10 pounds off a coggles order with I won’t use, so if any wants it this is the code.

“The parcel” Spring edit review

I received my copy of the “The parcel” Spring edit review last week. They shipped by a courier company who seems to have us in some sort of black spot so I seemed to get it a week after everyone else.

I got;

  • an OPI polish in Amazon-Amazoff which is a super pretty blue-green creme from the Brazil collection. Oddly they advertised a polish from the Gwen Stefani collection and that’s what everyone else got but it’s all good as it’s a lovely shade.


  • A Revlon moisture stain which is so lovely to wear. Its in a bright pink but settles back to a wearable pink and is not drying at all. The name is very unfortunate though. Ughh.


  • Another set of the new pantene shampoo and conditioner making it 5 received in total this month. I get it, I’ll try it.
  • A small L’Oreal elnet hairspray. I don’t really use hair spray but it seems nice.
  • A deluxe sample of  Benefit They’re Real mascara which is great because I love deluxe mascara samples, they are basically the exact right size to use up in 3 months. Also a fiddly little deluxe sample of the They’re Real push up liner. I’ve reviewed that already here.
  • A sample of L’Oreal visionnaire. I like it as a serum but it does seem to make my skin a little sensitive if I wear it day and night.


I’m pretty happy with the box, the top items 2 are things I would but and justify the price tag. The others are nice extras.

I’m signing up for the year. Did you get ‘the parcel’? Anyone else get a non-Gwen Stefani collection polish???