The Parcel by Marie Claire – 20th Anniversary Edition

This is the 20th Anniversary Edition so I think a lot of a use where expecting something quite spectacular but it’s not quite as out there as many people hoped.

it’s got a;

  • full sized John Frieda Frizz Reducing Shampoo and Conditioner.
  • L’Oreal Colour Riche lipstick in Erotique – this is a pinky brown matte that I’d call a Kylie Jenner nude. It’s a neutral but interesting shade. Great for work.
  • Clinique Super serum – super excited about getting to try this one.
  • MOR handcream, which smells amazing. Great for a nail polish addict like me.
  • St Tropez in shower tanning cream. This is a bit weird, but I’m going to give it a try just because I have it.
  • Some Redkin coconut repairing balm which will be nice as we get into summer and I start wearing more sandals.
  • A small sample of Modern Muse – this will be great for the holidays I’m about to go on.

2015-09-22 14.42.23


L’Oreal UV Protector SPF 50+

Last time I was in South Korea I picked up this new formulation of the L’Oreal UV Protector. It’s a 30mL container that came with a bonus 15mL tube – not sure if this was for anything in particular as I couldn’t read the pack, but as I liked the L’Oreal UV protector I picked up in Indonesia a couple of years ago I thought I’d pick up the new one. The price seems to be about the same, around $AUD17 once converted.

2015-09-22 15.34.57

The formulation is even nicer that when I tried before. They’ve made it lighter, and included a light “highlight” style of warmth, so not glitter but it adds a general warmth. The formulation is so incredibly light for having pigment, it literally feels like you are not wearing anything at all. It’s so much better than any other bb cream I’ve tried at giving me the “your skin but better” effect!

2015-09-22 15.35.222015-09-22 15.35.302015-09-22 15.49.01

The above diagrams are immediately after blendng, then after 5 mins. I really like this BB cream!

Third Element by Emily de Molly

Emily de Molly recently had a 20% off sale so I picked up a few polishes.


Today I’m wearing Third Edition, which is a metallic polish with a pewter base. It has silver glitter and a gold bronze glitter, but as both are quite fine glitter it doesn’t look all that blingy. Depending on the light it turns to silver, bronze or lit from within pewter. It’s a spectacular colour. It also wears very well as it’s not as high in glitter as some polishes so doesn’t dry to a “crunchy” finish.


Mary-Lou Manizer vs Cindy-Lou Manizer

Oh, these cheeky sisters. I love my MaryLou Manizer for a cheap all over highlight. It’s $35ish for a solid 8.5g which is very competitive for a high quality, super soft and finely milled powder highlight. I was in Myer trying to pick up Guerlian Perles, but the SA for the area isn’t in until Wednesday and the woman they sent me said she wasn’t sure which tone I’d want as she didn’t want to make me look like Priscilla Queen of the Desert (which was weird, but eh). Instead I went into DJS and found  Cindy-Lou Manizer for $5 off and a free gift with purchase of the Hawaii pallette which I actually bought for my teen last Christmas. So I called that a sign from the universe and bought!



Mary-Lou Manizer is a shimmery champagne hightighter. You can overdo, but it’s a subtle highlight and easy to blend. It’s’ definitely a great one if you like the strobing trend.

Cindy-Lou Manizer is a pale pink shade with a lighter shimmer. It’s a subtle highlighter on my NC 20 skin, but would work as a blush on a lighter skin or a highlighter on a darker skin. It’s quite flexible.

It’s a great pick up if you pass a DJs!

Why that David Wolfe meme about women consuming 5lb of toxic chemicals from makeup is crap

Oh man, this has been bugging me. There is this stupid meme being circulated from the David Wolfe facebooks page saying that women consume 5lb of toxic chemicals from beauty products each year.

Let’s break it down… Let’s assume for arguments sake that women wear a full face of makeup each day. So we have lipstick, mascara, foundation (or bb cream, or cc cream), some kind of blush, a highlighter, eyeliner and eyeshadow. Personally I’m not counting nail polish as mine seems to mainly chip off or grow out and I can’t see how it could end up inside you.

OK, onto an estimate of what you apply each day (big hat tip to brightest bulb in the box)

  • Lipstick is 0.008g per day, or 0.016 if you applied twice and licked it all off instead of it wiping off on cups etc.
  • Foundation is 0.06g/day using the most wasteful ways of applying. Let’s add another 0.06 for setting powder or primer if you are feeling doing the full face.
  • Blush is such a hard product to use up. Brightest bulb in the box has per application down at 0.014g but it might be higher if you are dark skinned. Let’s round up to 0.04 just in case.
  • I’ll put highlighter down at the same value of 0.04g.
  • Eyeshadow is also a powder product, but covers a smaller area. We’ll go with the 0.014g per application.
  • Mascara and eyeliner is pretty light on again – I can’t find any articles but has an eyeliner comes in 1-1.5g containers and lasts about 6 weeks if you use it constantly which comes to 0.02g. Mascara comes in sizes from 3g to 10g… these last 3 month before you throw them out. I’ll call in 0.1g to be generous.

So at most a full face of makeup seems to have about 0.2g of makeup… so you’ll max out at closer to 2ozs a year with 74g applied.

Now we also know that the skin doesn’t absorb all of this as we remove makeup at the end of the day. Let’s say that’s 30% of the makeup we apply. So let’s say 0.13g is left, that we either absorb or gets lost to general sweating/wiping against your hands or clothing and so so on. So 50g is the top limit of material you would’ve “consumed” in a year wearing a full face each day.

Then you have to consider, even if it didn’t mainly wear, off how much makeup you think is toxic. It’s all a matter of doses when you consider toxicity, which these sites tend to ignore. A great example of this is Vitamin A. While you need it in small doses to maintain your bodies health, it can cause liver failure in large amounts. The first ingredient in my foundation is water. The first ingredient in my blush is talc. Both of those ingredient could be “toxic” if breathed in but are not an issue on external usage.

When you see memes like this it’s important to ask question and use some logic to test if its true.

Red lights ahead, where?

Man, it’s been a month since I’ve blogged. I’ve just gotten a job that required a lot of work and it’s taking all of my time and energy from makeup. Who would have thought!

I thought a nice bright mani might be good – this is last weeks before I remove it. It’s Red Lights ahead – where? from OPI. OPI describes it as a coral red but it leans very orange on me. Probably appropriate for the Holland COllection!


Bellabox June 2015

So I cancelled by Bellabox on the 1st of last month, but they still charged me for the month. Then they didn’t send me a box – so I chased it up. To their credit they did send me one.

It’s the winter warrior pack. The full size item is the showergel which I do like, but to be honest is on regular special for $3 at Woolworth so it’s not a special treat. Some udderly smooth moisturiser which is nice. A travel mascara by Elisabeth Mott “It’s so big”. This is a repeat from past boxes but they are handy for travel. There is also a new “Universal beauty” lip tint in a nice true red. I like it for a subtle kind of lift to lip colour – I’m a fan of mattes at the moment but it’s good to have some variation in your lip routine. Then there is a couple of palmolive shampoo sachets (meh) and a single double sided wipe. I’m sure they’ll both get used…sigh…


Tempted to try bellabox? – they run regular blogger promotions but I think this non-blogger 3 months of bellabox groupon for $24 is a killer deal. You can try it for $8 a month so the risk is pretty low. It’s usually $17.95 a month now.

It’s a Beautybay haul

Beautybay was doing 10% off cosmetics a few weeks back so I logged onto to get a new Stila 24 hour waterproof liner then I realised I could pick up a the Stila Best of Black set for about the cost of a smudge stick + 24 hours liner – and I scored a cute clutch and bracelet, black shimmery eye shadow and a spare mascara. Not that I needed a clutch and bracelet, black shimmery eye shadow and a spare mascara – but still it’s not like I can ever resist a bargain.It comes in a beautiful gold box and I think would be a great gift for any one looking to buy a school formal gift for a daughter or niece.


The Beautybay home brand was also doing a BOGO special which bundled with the 10% off so I picked up a couple of lippies to try and some of the mineral foundation. The lippies are a nice pair of colours and a mid coverage which is great for office wear. The packaging is quite classy as well, with black matte cyclinder. The only downside is that they smell a bit plastic-waxy and I’m used to lipsticks that have that nice vanilla smell.

Here are some swatches of the lipsticks in Raspberry (pink-red) at the bottom and Berry Fusion (purple-pink) top. The rest of the swatches still to come!