Cololab nail polish in 201

Cololab is a nail polish brand that you can pick up in Watsons. It as a frankly amazing sheen (this manicure has no top coat and is 2 days in) and lasts as long as any high end brand. It doesn’t seem to be available in Australia or on ebay, but its well worth picking up if you head into Korea. It’s kind of an in country secret. It even has a cute nail polish bow tie on the bottle. How adorable!!!

This is a pinky nude numbered 201, that’s a lot more pink that I thought in the bottle. It’s amazing and damn near indestructable. cololab 201


Bellabox May – Sugar fix


First I got this box in June which annoys me no end.

Second the products, meh.

  • There is a Chilla contouring stick which would work on someone much warmer toned than me – seems to have a nice texture but I can’t wear it. I am contemplating if it might work as an eyeshadow.
  • A palmers night cream in a mid sized sample, which is OK but very much a supermarket brand.
  • Some wonderstrips which are supposed to help hooded eyes/monolids. Not going to lie, never going to try these. I’d rub them out and they don’t work with makeup by all accounts.
  • A revlon anti shine balm, which I love and use but in a sachet which is not great for this type of product.
  • Tiny aveda sample of dry remedy – not sure that’s even one usage in there.

Only half way decent thing is a sample of Paula’s Choice retinol, but no way is this box worth $15. Grrrrrr.

Other people look like they got an eye of horus eyeliner and a chapstick in a new yummy flavour so it’s a bit disappointing. Bellabox sure is variable month to month, box to box and not always in a fun way…IMG_0021 IMG_0022.

Beauty in bloom by Stila

I love my convertible colour in Kitten, so I was pretty excited to see this little 3 pack of convertible colours for sale at Sephora. The colours are tulip, peony and camelia.The texture wasn’t quite what I was expecting from a cream blush, but sits more in the gloss/wash category or opacity which does make it much easier to blend. The pots are very small at 2g, but this is a good travel size if you head out with a clutch or small bag.

beauty in bloom stilabeauty in bloom stilabeauty in bloom stila swatched

Tulip is a deep pink which is very pretty, but on my pale skin you’d need to use a light touch to avoid looking clown like. Peony is a surprise package as the package looks lilac but turns out to be a natural looking peach. Camelia is a lighter pink, approaching a nude on my skin. Camelia and Peony both have a slight shimer while Tulip is a clear colour with no shimmer.

So, the Ironborn… where are they again?

I was doing some very important work chatting about Game of Thrones with my cousin the other night (so, do you think Daenerys is about to GO UTTERLY MAD or what?). We mentioned that the Ironborn seem oddly missing – well apart from Theon’s ill fated raid on Winterfell. It’s a little sad because I assume that they discuss the broad brushstrokes of where the stories are all going with GRRM before they write the scripts and presumably that means that the Ironborn don’t have a major part to play going forward.

Anyway, I have worked on a little Ironborn tribute mani. It has a squid decal on a background of Mysterious Icon by L’Oreal which is a bronzy gold shimmer. They I did some little golden glitter sprinkles at the top, as let’s be honest I’m not the one to pay the iron price.


It could probably do with a lighter colour under the decal but I kind of like it anyway.

Jo’mina with a little bit of Prism

This is a NOTD with Jo’Mina by Illamasqua on all fingers. I’ve used a single coat of Prism over it on the thumb which lightens the colour a little and adds a lovely blue sheen then included a chevron on 3 coats on the index finger. That hasn’t come off as well, as the 3 coats have made it much more ‘textural’ than I would have liked. Oh well.


Priceline goody bag May 2015

I splashed out and spent up to get the recent priceline goody bag. I ended up buying

  • the revlon eye art pen in a brown-gold shade (30% off)
  • 2 rimmel apopoalips  one matte and one standard (30% off)
  • a rimmel powder in matte
  • a sally hansen polish in oyster
  • a l’oreal polish in mystery icon


The goodybag has

  • a revlon colourburst lip crayon in Flirtatious
  • a model prefer lip crayon in Pink Crayon
  • a nail rock nailpolish in a red glitter
  • a sally hansen polish in pink called flame on
  • a natio polish in pink called wonder
  • innoxa tinted moisturiser in buttermilk
  • L’oreal polishes in 24 carat and a purple
  • L’oreal primer sample
  • savvy clear brow gel
  • a glam manicure nail art set. It’s in bright pink  (“popping pink”) alas, but I’ll give a shot!
  • essie polish in fifth avenue red. I thought I had this polish but maybe I gave it away. It’s a bright orangey red.
  • an ecotool smooshy bath sponge. I love these and they get gross so quickly so yay.

Did you pick up the priceline bag? It’s a great haul for $66!

Bellabox April 2015 review

The Bellabox April is a big step up on last month’s Bellabox. It’s got a full size Marc Daniels leave-in blue conditioner to tone and treat blonde hair, which is opportune as my hair is a dry, brassy and strawlike mess,  in desperate need of a hair appointment to get it back to my preferred icy blonde state. It’s also got a Yes to Carrots lipshine in Flirty Pink which will be perfect for post gym lifts, and some Nivea lipbutter in Caramel which smells amazing.

There is also some soap free cleanser by pure therapy and some anti-itching cream in sachet, which I’m eager to try as I’ve been getting this awfully annoying rash on my arms as part of my hayfever. It’s driving me NUTS so I’m open to all ideas.

There is also some Joico samples, which I’ll try – for dry hair again. Sometimes switching up shampoos can help cleanse buildup I find and give some new volume.

April Bellabox 2015

Much better than last months all up! What did you get?

Smitten with Kitten by Stila

Smitten with kitten stilaSmitten with kitten stila

I managed to pick up a smitten with kitten set from the Sephora in Malaysia. I can’t wait until I have a local Sephora. It’s $12 in the US, was 70 ringgit in Malaysia which is about $22 aussie.

You get sample sizes of the eyeshadow, convertible colour and lipglaze in kitten. The eyeshadow is a great choice, lovely brightening champagne. The cheek colour adds a smidge of pink but works great as a highlighter on the face. The lipglaze looks peachy at first but goes on a sparkly nude with just makes your lips look a little fuller. It’s pretty and has a lovely vanilla scent. I can about 4 hours wear out of a lipglaze which is astounding for me and lip gloss products.

Smitten with kitten

L-r, convertible colour, eyeshadow, lipglaze

I think the only issue people will have is that the eyeshadow is quite small, but honestly I have enough eyeshadow to last until the apocalypse cometh – I never hit pan on a pallet. I think I might actually be able to use these up which is good news in my book. Definitely a must buy and a great gift for any younger teens in your life to try and get them to dial the makeup.