Stila Eternal Love Liquid Lipstick Set

I swooped in quick to pick up Stila’s Eternal Love Liquid Lipstick Set from this years holiday collection. It has 3 deluxe samples – which the box says are 1ml/0.03oz each but the tubes say are 1.5Ml/0.05oz – of Baci, Beso and Ricco.

You get a lovely nude, a classic red and a plum which I think covers the most popular colours customers will be looking.


At $29 it’s a good price for a friend who likes mid-range cosmetics as that’s a pretty common price point for a single lipstick in that range. It’s also a lovely looking pack and the lipsticks don’t feel stingy in size.


(I’ve included a shot next to the super cute Hourglass mini, that is a tiny lippie and retails for $14 at Mecca). Great for a clutch, but it is teeny if you are gifting.


I’m pretty sure this will sell out so jump in quick.


Bellabox Feb review

I’ve really happy to say that Bellabox really knocked it out of the park with this months box. There was a choice of 3 boxes curated by different magazine editors which you could choose from if you got last months box early (I didn’t). I ended up with the Harper Bazaar box which was actually really good.

I got a

  • essie nail polish in Haute in the Heat – a deep raspberry pink. The pic below is one coat, it’s amazingly pigmented. This is the best essie polish I’ve ever tried.
  • Burts Bees Lemon Cuticle Cream in a mini
  • Harpers Bazaar from March
  • another mini of Aveda Touramaline Creme and Cleanser (!)
  • sachets of Transformulas marine miracle creme and lip volume
  • a 30ml mini of Soak body lotion
  • a 2 sacheta of zk’in line smoothing serum.


It’s really great value for $15 this month – that’s easily $30-40 of value even for me. If you are thinking about joining this is my affliate link.

It’s actually really good value – the first 3 items are easily worth over $15 to me and I get to try some other moisturisers and stuff. Yay. If you want to sign up this is my referal link.

Bellabox December 2014 review

This box has a lot of small sample of higher end skin care. I’m actually pretty happy as I’m about out of night cream but I can see that this is going to be a huge disappointment for people who want bigger samples or some full size samples as these are really on the sample rather than travel size/deluxe sample end. It’s hard to evaluate skin products on really small samples though as many of these are only a couple of uses worth.

  • Gatineau Melatogenuinine mask 15ml
  • Aveda charged tourmaline hydrating creme 7ml
  • Elizabeth Mott Mascara
  • Aveda smooth infusion hair smoother 10ml
  • Enbacci hand and hail cream 10ml
  • neutrogena acne wash 14ml
  • Sachet of skin doctors AHA 3ml

No face wipes this month! yay.


David Jones has OPI for under $5

After all this time trying to sell OPI for $19.95 a bottle DJs has finally started bring the prices back to earth. They have some nice sales like Its Totally Fort Worth it for $4.97, Number One Nemesis for $4.97, A Roll in the Hague for $4.88, A Woman’s Praguegative for $4.88! I may or may not bought a few 😉 They also have free shipping and 3 free samples so I have some facemasks coming as well. OK, caught me out I bought 11 nail polishes for a little under $60. They also have the Mariah Carey mini packs for $9.97 but OPI mini brushes make me want to cry.

The Myer Online debacle – why GST isn’t the problem for Australian retailers

The bosses of one of Australia’s largest department stores, Myer, have been vocal in the past year about the need to remove the GST loophole (the fact that consumers do not need to pay GST on purchases over $1000) in order to ‘level the playing field’. Then the Myer website collapsed under the weight of the many buyers heading online to buy specials in the Boxing Day sales (traditionally the biggest sales in Australia). It’s still down as of 7pm on the 1/1/14.

This proves quite concisely that the issue is not that the GST is an oppressive burden. Australian consumers like shopping online. They have turned to overseas sites like asos, bookdepository and because they ship quickly and easily to Australia and have brands that Australians know but clearly Australians are still willing and able to shop from Australian sites like Myer. Shopping in person is particularly cumbersome for many people who have 2 full time workers in the house, single parents with young children at home (have you tried taking young kids shopping recently!), people who live outside of the metro areas and have limited ability to visit shops in person, people with limited transport options or simply the fact that the good online store have good ranges and its easy to compare offerings between brands.

Australian retailer also blame the very high retail rents relative to much of the western world and low shipping volumes. But the truth is, you have the option of a much more level playing field. Get your inventory system working and make sure that I can see from my home in Perth stock available anywhere in Australia. Any time. Make sure you regularly sense check your prices. I can regularly buy items from the US and use a resender than charges $20+/kg and still save money on my $50-$100 orders even when I can’t get free postage. It’s better to make a 20% margin on your sales rather than a 0% margin when your consumers buy from overseas. Get rid of whoever is managing your online department. Hire an asos director or someone from abebooks, anyone who gets the online sales proposition.

See it as an opportunity. When I visit a Myer store I tend to leave with what I came in for, if that. Half the time there is no one serving at a counter. The shops change floor layout all the time so I can never find anything and I have to try and get the homewares people to help me find lego (*cough*true story from the christmas*cough). It’s honestly easy to get assistance on the floor of Myer or Target. The floor is crowded and I feel overwhelmed. At home I shop when the kids are in bed. I often shop with a glass of wine in hand. I’m in my pyjamas. I can compare blogger reviews and look at the deals between sites. Once I work out where I’m going to shop I often check out with an extra couple of items that look like good deals or seem like a fun addition. It’s like a second treat when I actually get the parcels a few days later. Yay, a parcel for me! Some mail that isn’t bills! Smart retailers often give me a coupon to come shopping with them again in the next month. And when the gift feels like a treat, when it arrives quickly and is beautifully packaged I want to shop again. (Trust me, I very rarely want to revisit a Myer department store after I have recently been!)

The traditional acronym is KISS (keep it simple stupid). But in this case it’s Keep it Fun and Functional. KIFF might not be as catchy but I’ll bet its more profitable.

Emily De Molly is having a 30% off sale if anyone is interested

From Facebook;


Help me move! Get 30% off any colour ( including discontinued colours ) by entering the code 30off
Only applies to purchases on the above website, this code will not work on Etsy.

I’m only offering stock I have on hand, so there’s plenty of some colours and not much of others.
I may get a lot of orders which means my turn around time might be longer than usual and I may not be able to combine orders so please keep this in mind.

Happy shopping and thank you!

Azure by Witchery

Witchery is a local ‘high street’ brand that bought out some nail polishes last year. Azure was definitely the pick of them, look at this yummy cornflower blue. This is without top coat. It’s not exactly the same, but is in the same colour family, as Nails Inc Baker Street which is really hard to come by in Australia. I think I paid $6.95 on sale for the full size and I’ve seen minis in store for $3.95 in the sale bins.


The formula is runny which is nice for self leveling but does give you some problems with flooding cuticles if not careful! The wear time is not great – about 2-3 days before chipping but it’s a cheap and very cheerful polish.

Neutrogena Wet Skin Spray on Sunscreen Review

I have been on the search for a good sunscreen for our hot humid weather. Because, funnily enough, the weather when you often most need a sunscreen is when you are sweating so much if seems to slip off or turn into a gloopy sticky mess.

Wandering through the pharmacy I found a new (to Australia?) range of sunscreens by Neutrogena that are spray on. I can’t rave about these enough.


They spray on like a deodorant, are the lightest sunscreen I have run into and have next to no odour. They use something called Helioplex to give broad spectrum protection – which is an avobenzene/oxybenzone combination, so not great if you are sensitive to oxybenzone but it is a stable UVA/UVB protector.

Now you’ll notice it says wet skin. This is the bit I love. Not only does it apply lightly, but you can apply it onto wet skin directly and it actually seems repel water. I have before and after pictures, the first is my naturally pasty forearm and the second is post sunscreen being rubbed in and being run under water for a minute.



They are also much easier to get on kids straight out of the pool as you have a bit more flexibility with reaching all their skin (an activity where I have been known to make jokes about trying to catch greased skinny piglets…lol).

Anyway, not a paid endorsement just a rave review from me. I think I paid $14.99 but it seems like you can pick up for a bit less on ebay or at Priceline.