Face-off : BB cream vs CC cream


This is a comparison post between BB and CC cream. I have chosen to compare Bourjois CC cream which has been my go to for the CC creams and the Maybelline watergel BB cream.The Maybelline has a SPF 35 vs the Bourjois SPF 15 so it’s definitely worth layering additional SPF under the CC cream.

The first thing to notice is that the Bourjois cream has a very fluid texture. It spreads very well and packs a lot of pigmentation into the formula. The maybelline sinks into the skin and gives a nice flush over the fine lines on my skin. ImageAs the cream starts to settle more the tones come into play, and the more watery texture of the maybelline shows as a lighter/cooler finish.


The finish after 5 mintes shows a much more natural finish with the CC cream (B) vs the BB cream (M). One of the main reasons this has been my goto shade recently is that it is quite impressive in toning down the redness I often get in winter (not surprisingly as CC cream stands for color correcting cream). The bourjois claims it has a 3 pigment mizx with green to calm down redness, peach for dark circles/tiredness and white for brightening skin spots/freckles.


I though therefore it was probably worth showing how the cream dealt with lighter skin and visible veins. Again the CC cream gives a much smooth more consistent tone.

Overall I think the CC cream does a great job of color correcting, whereas the BB cream is more of any all rounder (better SPF, better illumination, more moisturising). CC cream is my go to at the moment as color is my biggest concern but when I wear the CC cream I do find I have to add illuminator and would also have to layer a sunscreen in summer so effectively only save the step of primer and some degree of concealer when considered next to a full foundation.

Bourjois CC cream is available from ASOS (for about $19) and there is currently a 20% off coupon to bring it down to $15ish. The Maybelline BB cream is available from most drugstores.

What’s your favorite BB cream?


Face off – Revlon Photoready BB cream SPF30 vs Maybelline BB cream water gel SPF35

This is a comparison between the Revlon Photoready BB cream vs the Maybelline BB cream. The first thing to notice is the colour difference, while they are a similar shade level the tone is very different with the Revlon having a pink undertone and the Maybelline having a yellower undertone.


Texture wise the the Revlon is a little thicker than the Maybelline but they both have a quite light texture and blend easily. Both of them work on my skin tone but do lend an different cast to the skin.


Overally after blending the Maybelline gives a much flatter smoother finish, but the Revlon has a lovely touch of illuminator than I think will be very flattering in photos. It does however not give as smooth as impression, especially for fine lines so in the final comparison it probably depends if your priority is a brighter complexion, or a smoother skin finish and what you underlying skin tone is.




New vs old Maybelline Pure Minerals BB cream formulation

The Maybelline BB cream has had a rejig and is now called “water gel” formulation. In other news it also seems to have dropped SPF from 50 to 35. Not cool dudes, I love me some SPF. I should probably also point out in these pic I have a different tone in the new formulation as it’s the end of summer and I’m at my very darkest (not that dark to be honest but it’s all relative!)

photo 2 photo 1

Initially these look similar in terms of consistency but the old formulation is definitely more fluid to start with and covers more space with the same amount of cream. It also has less of a scent which is nice, not that the older formulation has much scent but I prefer foundation with as little scent as possible. (Old form on left, new on right)


The older formulation seems to get into the fine lines more and dries to a slightly more powdery finish. The newer formulation stays more dewy and feels much lighter on the skin and more moisturising.

photo 3

I think they are even in ‘radiance’ and pore minimising, as the older formulation has a more light reflecting base where as the newer one seems to settle into the skin over a few mins blending and gives a nice ‘fresh dewy’ style skin.

photo 4 photo 5

I think the new formulation is a definite improvement but I do wish the SPF was maintained at a 50. Make sure you give the water gel formulation a few minutes after blending to judge as it does seem to take a bit longer to settle into the skin than the older one.

Face Off – L’oreal Nude Magnifique BB Cream SPF 12 vs Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream SPF

I found myself with a 45 minute break with nothing to do today, so I did a comparison on L’oreal Nude Magnifique Light BB Cream, L’oreal Nude Magnifique Medium  BB Cream,  L’oreal Nude Magnifique Colour Correcting (CC) Cream and Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream in a Light (left to right below). The nude magnifique range has this funny texture with pigment beads that break open as you rub it – they claim it’s colour matching but I don’t think it is!


Anyway, the first thing I noticed is how fluid the formulations are… really, really wet and runny compared to what I am used to particularly on the Maybelline Dream Fresh.

This is directly after blending. I was somewhat surprised how different the textures are on the L’oreal creams. The CC cream is much thicker and damper, but the medium BB cream is also quite a bit thicker than the light BB cream. The tones are relatively dark as well, even the lighter tone is still a touch dark for my NW/NC20ish skin tone.

Image 1

This is blended and left for 5 mins in the store. The difference in textures is still noticeable with the L’oreal cream in the light still the lightest at most matte, then Maybelline cream which has a pearlescent sheen.

Image 4

Finally this is after 10 minutes and in the sun.

Image 3

I think the L’oreal Nude Magnifique BB Cream in Light was the best option for a light coverage BB cream and the Maybelline has a more glowing tone. Both come in a good range of colours (although a touch darker than suits me) and have a similar price point around $15 but overall I prefer the Singapore ones due to a higher SPF and lighter colour range… I mean SPF 12… not really high enough for Australian consumers.