Bellabox January 2015 review

So the bellabox crew seem like they are aware that people aren’t over impressed by the late deliveries, so the boxes are now solidly arriving in the last week of the stated month rather than the following month.

This month I got

  • a bellabox pouch, but no box. They gave the pouch an RRP of $7.95 but it’s really just packaging so my personal “what would I pay”, “WWP” is very low. Sorry bellabox!
  • a LAQA lip lube – RRP of $24.95. I actually like this and probably would have sprung $15ish for it on sale somewhere so that’s a plus. It’s in “stranger danger” (a bright pink) and has a pepperminty tingle like the Revlon Lipstain balms. It’s a touch thicker in consistency than those balms though.
  • a sample of wen conditioner. I’ve kind of wanted to try this since in inimicable Cat Marnell, late of xojane, gave it rave reviews. Also summer, for a dyed blond with grey hairs who goes swimming regularly, is sort of dire hair moisture-wise. I feel like my hair is a giant frizz ball.
  • a eency sample of Aveena tourmaline cream which I think I got last month as well
  • a 50ml sample of Brauer Calm syrup. I wouldn’t have bought this, and probably won’t again, but it’s not bad. I’m not huge on herbal remedies as I’m a little scared of drug interactions with other meds I take regularly, but it’s probably a nice option for someone with some stress.
  • some heel conditioner.

So it’s still worth the $15 to me as that’s the kind of money I’d throw at a randomn pink lipstick and I get to try so new brands.


It’s my prague-gative by OPI

This is such an earworm for me. It’s my PER-rog-gative, itsmyprgotivvvvve. The colour is a copper-y orange shimmer, very similar in shade to Sprung but a lighter shimmer.


This is from the OPI europe collection. It’s a really nice warm fall colour and an easy to work with formula.

Bellabox September 2014 review

My September bellabox just turned up on October 3rd Sigh. It’s not a bad “box” – not that it arrived in a box – just arrived VERY late.


I got a full size Tigi Wet Look hair gel, a full sized sleek eye dust in Hypnotic (I initially thought this was black but it’s actually a rich navy blue with a glittery shimmer which is actually more exciting as I have a lot of black pigment from Illamasqua still), a trial size Klorane Pomegranite shampoo which smells amazing, 5 wotnot makeup wipes for sensitive (blah, I just use baby wipes for sensitive baby skin), a trial Bioderma mask for Sensitive skin (yay!) and a couple of sachets of Revlon ColorStay Foundation (which I already own) and Garnier NanoBlur (which I’m actually interested in comparing to Maybelline Baby Skin).

David Jones has OPI for under $5

After all this time trying to sell OPI for $19.95 a bottle DJs has finally started bring the prices back to earth. They have some nice sales like Its Totally Fort Worth it for $4.97, Number One Nemesis for $4.97, A Roll in the Hague for $4.88, A Woman’s Praguegative for $4.88! I may or may not bought a few 😉 They also have free shipping and 3 free samples so I have some facemasks coming as well. OK, caught me out I bought 11 nail polishes for a little under $60. They also have the Mariah Carey mini packs for $9.97 but OPI mini brushes make me want to cry.

Gift card giveaway for reaching 100 (+) followers

Quick reminder about the Sephora/etsy gift card giveaway for reaching 100 (+) followers. It is open internationally so anyone could snag some nice etsy treats even if Sephora is not local to you!


I seem to have reached (and indeed passed) the magic milestone of 100 wordpress followers and *ahem* missed it.

It seems the tradition for a 100 follower celebration is a rafflecopter giveaway and I have gone with the tradition. I have self sponsored this through my app My Makeup Collection. I am offering a prize of either a $50 Sephora voucher or a $50 etsy voucher for the winner. I hope you enjoy and purchase something a bit fab if you win 😉

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Priceline cosmetic bargains and gift with purchase

Another gift-with-purchase option is the Priceline Australia tote bag. With a $60 purchase you can get this bag –

  • 2 set of false lashes
  • An ombre nail polish set
  • Some Sally Hansen polish
  • Maybelline BB cream
  • Rimmel Match foundation
  • A lipbalmstain chubby crayon thing from Models Prefer
  • Revlon lip butter
  • Redness correcting concealer (?Physians Formula brand I think)
  • some nail polish removing wipes
  • Nude by Nature Illuminator
  • Liquid eyeliner
  • Pencil eyeliner
  • tote/compact/etc

I do mock these tote bags but do donate them to your local shelter they are very useful for folks in a hostel you need to use communal bathrooms.

Now the nice thing about the priceline deal is you can double up deals and mix brands. Some ideas include;

So basically you can get a stack of drugstore makeup for you or mum for not too much….


Anyway you don’t get to choose colours but it’s a good haul of stuff.


100 (+) follower giveaway

I seem to have reached (and indeed passed) the magic milestone of 100 wordpress followers and *ahem* missed it.

It seems the tradition for a 100 follower celebration is a rafflecopter giveaway and I have gone with the tradition. I have self sponsored this through my app My Makeup Collection. I am offering a prize of either a $50 Sephora voucher or a $50 etsy voucher for the winner. I hope you enjoy and purchase something a bit fab if you win 😉

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Maybelline Baby Skin vs Benefit Porefessional

I got a free sample of Baby Skin with my most recent Maybelline BB cream purchase from Guardian in Singapore (labelled Babe Skin and appears to be the Chinese version). I thought it might be useful to compare it to Benefit Porefessional which is a similar silcone based primer/pore smoother. If you haven’t used these before it’s quite fun, it’s almost a light airbrushing effect when you apply them. This is some initial back of the handswatches as I have some excema where I usually use this primer (inner cheek/side of nose pore-field) but thought it might be useful.

Porefessional is beige toned primer. It only comes in one tone. It seems to blend fairly well over a range of skin tones but some people report it giving a funny ‘cast’ on darker skins. Baby Skin is clear which makes it more friendly for wider range of skin tones. On my skin tone the porefessional blends well and gives a slight evening effect over redness. Image




The porefessional has a nice slightly powdery finish where baby skin dries to a slightly more dewy finish. In both cases a little goes a long way – think a pea sized amount for the whole face. It can be used by itself (although it doesn’t have an SPF so I wouldn’t use it alone) or as a primer/base. If can melt off relatively quickly as a standalone product in a hot/sweaty climate I find but it is good for 2-3 hours or so and given the ease of blending it is a nice one to have with you to cut down on the shine if you are having some photos or want to make a good impression.

Overall I think the benefit is the better product for my skin, but given the price point seems to be around 2-3x higher the Maybelline is a very nice subsitute and seems like a better option for very light or very dark toned skins.

I suspect teenage girls are going to find their brothers or boyfriends hijacking their Maybelline Baby Skin. It gives a super discrete smoothing effect and won’t look at all like makeup. Even the more metrosexual older guys might like to disguise some big pores on a date with out looking like they are wearing foundation.

My word of warning will be to test a similar primer before buying if you haven’t used silicon based products like this before. Some folks find them very irrititating and reddening so it’s worth trying at least a similar product before you buy.

Silkygirl oil control pressed powder SPF 20 review


I bought a pressed powder in Singapore as I was having a terrible chin breakout and the humidity was causing my makeup to melt off. I know if theory I should have been letting my skin rest, but sometimes you just aren’t able to share your acne with the wider world. Silkygirl retails for $SG5.95 which is seriously cheap. The ingredient list is below, unfortunately its only on the box so a pain if you chuck it out and it starts giving you a bad reaction later!

The packaging is quite cheap looking, but that’s ok as I don’t mind a cheap product scrimping on packaging a little. Prefer that to them scrimping on ingredients! I also like that it come with an additional SPF as I quite like all the sun protection I can get, especially if I’m out all day with limited ability to reapply makeup.

The powder is quite soft and easy to apply, and it quite able to help cover & set makeup as you can do a relative heavy application due to the softness. It’s not kidding around on the oil control aspect though so if you skin is at all dry this will cake up very quickly and leave you looking dry. My skin tends towards combination/T zone most of the time so this powder wouldn’t suit my skin day to day for that reason, but I think it would be a really great one to have in a handbag if I was planning on a night out and thought I be looking shiny in dancefloor selfies!

Overall while it’s not as great as a highend brand, and not what I’d use at home where I prefer a loose powder it’s a nice handbag powder to use out and about or in humid/sweaty/oil situations. Image