Bellabox November 2015

Bellabox had a good month this month…

They sent a

  • NYX baked eyeshadow single in silver.
  • A LAQA&co cheeky pencil (for use on lips and cheeks) in cha-cha which is coral colour.I find pencils hard to blend on the cheeks but it is a nice format for travel.
  • An Ulta3 glitter eyeliner in purple haze.
  • A body bar aka soap from universal skin care.
  • A BIC razor which is always handy from the “Soleil Glow” range.
  • A sample of Burts Bee hydrating water.

This is a great box- it’s a nice mix of skincare/makeup/other which is what you want from a monthly beauty box.




Bellabox April 2015 review

The Bellabox April is a big step up on last month’s Bellabox. It’s got a full size Marc Daniels leave-in blue conditioner to tone and treat blonde hair, which is opportune as my hair is a dry, brassy and strawlike mess,  in desperate need of a hair appointment to get it back to my preferred icy blonde state. It’s also got a Yes to Carrots lipshine in Flirty Pink which will be perfect for post gym lifts, and some Nivea lipbutter in Caramel which smells amazing.

There is also some soap free cleanser by pure therapy and some anti-itching cream in sachet, which I’m eager to try as I’ve been getting this awfully annoying rash on my arms as part of my hayfever. It’s driving me NUTS so I’m open to all ideas.

There is also some Joico samples, which I’ll try – for dry hair again. Sometimes switching up shampoos can help cleanse buildup I find and give some new volume.

April Bellabox 2015

Much better than last months all up! What did you get?

Bellabox March 2015 review


I’ve said before that Bellabox has a lot of variability in what you get each month. This is not one of the stronger months.


  • The blue box my kids love is BACK


  • a 10ml sample of Kerastase shampoo. I love Kerastase shampoos, but 10ml is tiny. That’s a free magazine sample size.
  • a 1ml sample of Revlon airbrush effect in natural beige. Not my colour and a tiny sample.
  • a highlighter. Not an illuminator, a literal highlighter by Stabilo.
  • Palmers moisturising day cream and makeup remover. These are Ok, but a bit meh
  • Nivea sun light feel daily face veil. It’s for use under makeup but I tend to wear BB creams and CC creams.
  • Colour theory eye pencil in emerald. It’s nice enough for a cheap eye pencil but very dark green and kind of reads as black in most lights.

IMG_4124 FullSizeRender_2

Anyone get anything better?

Bellabox October 2014

I am happy to say I got my bellabox before the end of the month this month. Yowser.

The best items are a Kester Black for Bellabox nail polish in Ruby Tuesday, which is actually corrally-orange more than red for some reason. It’s the first Kester Black polish I’ve tried and I’m utterly enamoured. The formula is thick but very workable and its a very vivid bright shade.


I also got a Rimmel Apolocalips in Celestial (101) which is a bright pink lip gloss/stain. It’s a very vivid colour when you swatch but fades to a workable colour.

I also got a sachet of a MOR handcream in neroli which is very strongly scented, so strongly that my kids have rejected their usual grab of the box as a ‘treasure box’. I also got some model co mixed sachet and some wipes, and a small travel sort of size deoderant. I also got a sample of pantenes new shampoo and conditioner. This should be handy as it’s the 4th set of them I’ve received this month. At least I’ll really know if it works on me, hey!

IMG_3921 IMG_3922 IMG_3924 IMG_3925

Bellabox August 2014 – Sport your style

This is the August Bellabox. It’s all pretty good, nothing stunning but all pretty decent.

photophoto 1 IMG_3727

The wipes are nice wipes. They will be handy, but as I have small kids I have wipes in the house and I buy the nice baby ones at about $10 for 240 so I’m never going to really splash out $6 for 25 makeup wipes!

The aveeno moisturiser is nice but doesn’t have SPF so it’ll be limited to non exposed parts of the body. Maybe my feet?

The Nuxe hand cream is AMAZING. Its so light yet moisturising and has really minimal scent which I like in a hand cream. I mean if I’m wearing perfume at my wrist I don’t want a stinky handcream messing with the scent.

The Australis lipstick is nice. I have lots of red lipsticks, but this is a decent one. Its a true red with a slight shimmer. The photo is a swatch and a smudged one – it’s going to need setting in order to stay on for a full day but it’s definitely work keeping in a handbag.


The Burts Bee cleanser is another winner. There’s not too much to stay about cleanser but it smells lovely and leaves the skin feeling clean but not crazy dry. The size is decent for a travel pack too.

The final sample is a sachet of Palmers body lotion which is nice – but not overly useful to apply at the gym! I have used this one in the past as a night cream. It smells yummy like chocolate!

Do you subscribe to any boxes? which are your favorites?

(Feel like signing up for Bellabox? This is my referal link)