Bellabox November 2015

Bellabox had a good month this month…

They sent a

  • NYX baked eyeshadow single in silver.
  • A LAQA&co cheeky pencil (for use on lips and cheeks) in cha-cha which is coral colour.I find pencils hard to blend on the cheeks but it is a nice format for travel.
  • An Ulta3 glitter eyeliner in purple haze.
  • A body bar aka soap from universal skin care.
  • A BIC razor which is always handy from the “Soleil Glow” range.
  • A sample of Burts Bee hydrating water.

This is a great box- it’s a nice mix of skincare/makeup/other which is what you want from a monthly beauty box.




Bellabox April 2015 review

The Bellabox April is a big step up on last month’s Bellabox. It’s got a full size Marc Daniels leave-in blue conditioner to tone and treat blonde hair, which is opportune as my hair is a dry, brassy and strawlike mess,  in desperate need of a hair appointment to get it back to my preferred icy blonde state. It’s also got a Yes to Carrots lipshine in Flirty Pink which will be perfect for post gym lifts, and some Nivea lipbutter in Caramel which smells amazing.

There is also some soap free cleanser by pure therapy and some anti-itching cream in sachet, which I’m eager to try as I’ve been getting this awfully annoying rash on my arms as part of my hayfever. It’s driving me NUTS so I’m open to all ideas.

There is also some Joico samples, which I’ll try – for dry hair again. Sometimes switching up shampoos can help cleanse buildup I find and give some new volume.

April Bellabox 2015

Much better than last months all up! What did you get?

Bellabox Feb review

I’ve really happy to say that Bellabox really knocked it out of the park with this months box. There was a choice of 3 boxes curated by different magazine editors which you could choose from if you got last months box early (I didn’t). I ended up with the Harper Bazaar box which was actually really good.

I got a

  • essie nail polish in Haute in the Heat – a deep raspberry pink. The pic below is one coat, it’s amazingly pigmented. This is the best essie polish I’ve ever tried.
  • Burts Bees Lemon Cuticle Cream in a mini
  • Harpers Bazaar from March
  • another mini of Aveda Touramaline Creme and Cleanser (!)
  • sachets of Transformulas marine miracle creme and lip volume
  • a 30ml mini of Soak body lotion
  • a 2 sacheta of zk’in line smoothing serum.


It’s really great value for $15 this month – that’s easily $30-40 of value even for me. If you are thinking about joining this is my affliate link.

It’s actually really good value – the first 3 items are easily worth over $15 to me and I get to try some other moisturisers and stuff. Yay. If you want to sign up this is my referal link.

Bellabox January 2015 review

So the bellabox crew seem like they are aware that people aren’t over impressed by the late deliveries, so the boxes are now solidly arriving in the last week of the stated month rather than the following month.

This month I got

  • a bellabox pouch, but no box. They gave the pouch an RRP of $7.95 but it’s really just packaging so my personal “what would I pay”, “WWP” is very low. Sorry bellabox!
  • a LAQA lip lube – RRP of $24.95. I actually like this and probably would have sprung $15ish for it on sale somewhere so that’s a plus. It’s in “stranger danger” (a bright pink) and has a pepperminty tingle like the Revlon Lipstain balms. It’s a touch thicker in consistency than those balms though.
  • a sample of wen conditioner. I’ve kind of wanted to try this since in inimicable Cat Marnell, late of xojane, gave it rave reviews. Also summer, for a dyed blond with grey hairs who goes swimming regularly, is sort of dire hair moisture-wise. I feel like my hair is a giant frizz ball.
  • a eency sample of Aveena tourmaline cream which I think I got last month as well
  • a 50ml sample of Brauer Calm syrup. I wouldn’t have bought this, and probably won’t again, but it’s not bad. I’m not huge on herbal remedies as I’m a little scared of drug interactions with other meds I take regularly, but it’s probably a nice option for someone with some stress.
  • some heel conditioner.

So it’s still worth the $15 to me as that’s the kind of money I’d throw at a randomn pink lipstick and I get to try so new brands.

Bellabox December 2014 review

This box has a lot of small sample of higher end skin care. I’m actually pretty happy as I’m about out of night cream but I can see that this is going to be a huge disappointment for people who want bigger samples or some full size samples as these are really on the sample rather than travel size/deluxe sample end. It’s hard to evaluate skin products on really small samples though as many of these are only a couple of uses worth.

  • Gatineau Melatogenuinine mask 15ml
  • Aveda charged tourmaline hydrating creme 7ml
  • Elizabeth Mott Mascara
  • Aveda smooth infusion hair smoother 10ml
  • Enbacci hand and hail cream 10ml
  • neutrogena acne wash 14ml
  • Sachet of skin doctors AHA 3ml

No face wipes this month! yay.


Bellabox November 2014

I am 3 days late posting this and I’m still in November so I’m happy to say that the November Bellabox was totally on time.

The contents are pretty good as well

  • NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Milk – these are quite a standard but really handy to have around
  • Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse OR 10ml. It’s a very shimmery golden oil. Personally I’d limit it to places where I wanted a body highlight as I think you end up looking a little “Kim Kardashian’s butt”-esque, but each to their own. It’s lovely as hair oil but that’s obviously a hard swatch to show.
  • A sampler of coastal scents eyeshadows. The mattes are a bit meh but the mushroom shimmer is a real winner and the silver shimmer would be useful too.
  • A sample of some new Wella hair oil. Only 2ml which alas doesn’t do much over my mop
  • A sample of some new Palmer cocoa butter facial oil. Smells nice, not sure how much its doing for my face.
  • A compeed blister pad. Which I’m sure will be useful but is a little out of theme?


Feel like joining up? This is my referrer link.

Bellabox September 2014 review

My September bellabox just turned up on October 3rd Sigh. It’s not a bad “box” – not that it arrived in a box – just arrived VERY late.


I got a full size Tigi Wet Look hair gel, a full sized sleek eye dust in Hypnotic (I initially thought this was black but it’s actually a rich navy blue with a glittery shimmer which is actually more exciting as I have a lot of black pigment from Illamasqua still), a trial size Klorane Pomegranite shampoo which smells amazing, 5 wotnot makeup wipes for sensitive (blah, I just use baby wipes for sensitive baby skin), a trial Bioderma mask for Sensitive skin (yay!) and a couple of sachets of Revlon ColorStay Foundation (which I already own) and Garnier NanoBlur (which I’m actually interested in comparing to Maybelline Baby Skin).

Bellabox August 2014 – Sport your style

This is the August Bellabox. It’s all pretty good, nothing stunning but all pretty decent.

photophoto 1 IMG_3727

The wipes are nice wipes. They will be handy, but as I have small kids I have wipes in the house and I buy the nice baby ones at about $10 for 240 so I’m never going to really splash out $6 for 25 makeup wipes!

The aveeno moisturiser is nice but doesn’t have SPF so it’ll be limited to non exposed parts of the body. Maybe my feet?

The Nuxe hand cream is AMAZING. Its so light yet moisturising and has really minimal scent which I like in a hand cream. I mean if I’m wearing perfume at my wrist I don’t want a stinky handcream messing with the scent.

The Australis lipstick is nice. I have lots of red lipsticks, but this is a decent one. Its a true red with a slight shimmer. The photo is a swatch and a smudged one – it’s going to need setting in order to stay on for a full day but it’s definitely work keeping in a handbag.


The Burts Bee cleanser is another winner. There’s not too much to stay about cleanser but it smells lovely and leaves the skin feeling clean but not crazy dry. The size is decent for a travel pack too.

The final sample is a sachet of Palmers body lotion which is nice – but not overly useful to apply at the gym! I have used this one in the past as a night cream. It smells yummy like chocolate!

Do you subscribe to any boxes? which are your favorites?

(Feel like signing up for Bellabox? This is my referal link)

Bellabox July 2014

In this box I got

– Sample of Yu-Be moisturising cream
– Nicole by OPI nail polish in “Hello World” (full size)
– Lash genius waterproof top coat (?deluxe mini – 3.2g vs full size of 5.3g)
– Paw-Paw Plus hand cream by Designer Brands
– Coconut lip butter by Designer Brands
– Sample of Strivectin Get even Serum

photo 2

The box was themed as The American Beauty box which is a little random as the products are Japanese, US, US, Australia, and Australian. But I guess the APEC* box is probably a little bit less mainstream and more of a niche beauty-economist kind of box.

I was really happpy with the value, I always like nail polishes and Nicole by OPI is a good brand and I got a color I don’t own get (an orange jelly!). The Anastasia waterproof top coat is one I wanted to try anyway as I’m a smudgy McPanda eyes by the end of lots of days. I really like DB products as well and find they often punch well above their weight performance wise, and hand cream and lip butter are always useful. The moisturiser samples are nice but tiny so it will be hard to really see how they perform.

Unfortunately the nail polish formula is a bit meh, its very sheer and runny and gives a very definite VNL after 3 coats (and oddly make the VNL darker somehow, compared to a normal line so you look vaguely like there is something dirty under your nails all the time.

photo 1

* APEC is the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-Operation forum and includes those countries. It’s known for the leaders of the countries coming out wearing some quite lively shirts on the last day reflecting the host countries culture (loosely!)

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