My Macaron by Ulta3

My Macaron by Ulta3 is part of the latest winter collection of polishes by Ulta3. It’s a darkened, almost black, red jelly. It reminds me of dried blood – very dark and vamp(ir)ish!

IMG_3826 IMG_3827

As nearly always this is a killer polish for $2, it wears well and has great pigmenation. The finish is nice if a little prone to scratches but that’s common for jellies as I am a bit of hard user of my nails (see: small children and lego)

Definitely worth picking up if you see it around, it will look fantastic under gold tones glitters as well.



NOTD – Raspberry with black dots (OMB + Lunar)

My nail of the day is a pretty simple one, a raspberry pink base with black dots (Revlon Lunar). The polish is OMB (aka “Oh My Bieber” part of the Nicole by OPI x Justin Bieber polish collection from a few years ago). It’s actually a really nice polish and filled with shimmery glass, which I think is just about to run out. It’s somewhat amazing in a house of nail polish addicts that a bottle can get fully run out, so cudos JB – your decision making doesn’t tend to be your strength but your knocked it out of the park on that nail polish collection.

photo 1 photo 2

No Limits – Nicole for OPI Swatch

Today I have a swatch of Nicole for OPI No Limits. I picked this up recently when Catch of the Day had free shipping over $20 and I had an OPI top coat and OPI base coat in my basket…. leading to a total of $18.98. For $3.99 I got to pick a NOPI polish and save $8 in postage, so essentially it cost me about $1.

Oddly the website describes this as a black polish. It isn’t black. Its a very deep inky blue, the type that was very popular 3-4 years ago.Ā Image

It’s a nice opaque polish, a one coater if you are careful and has work delightfully well. It’s not all that unique, especially as it’s been duped to the sky and back but I do adore an inky blue so it’s a good buy for the formula, pigmentation and wear time if you are in the market for something in this color family.



Speckle by Illamasqua

I was not convinced by the bottle on this polish, but it’s a lovely classy and subtle polish on the nail. It’s a pale, “nude” (warm) pink with fine black and larger black matte glitters.




The finish is very smooth considering the amount of glitter, and the glitter is perfectly distributed so no fishing or weird technqiues were required to get it to distributed equally.

As with all Illamasqua it has wore very well and there is only minimal tip wear on two fingers after 5 days wear. The polish is also relatively easy to remove for a glitter even when using a standard basecoat.

Gold with black matte glitter

This is a quick nail of the day on my current super short nails, Nubar Unpredictable Taupe with a top coat of Ulta3 Out of Sight. Out of sight is a black matte glitter, long drying time but super cheap at $2 so I can spend an extra few minutes waiting for drying I guess. (It’s such a slow drying polish that a quick dry top coat seems to cause bubbles as the gasĀ tries to release. Image

The Nubar polish is a bit prone to chipping so the top coat might hopefully preserve the mani a bit.

My nail are looking a bit sad as I work towards V2 of My Makeup Collection which should make it even more useful to users! I managed to bite them all down which is not exactly good advertising…. hahahha

Kiwifruit Jelly sandwich


This is a jelly sandwich using Elope by Illamasqua (apple green) and Out of Sight by Ulta3 (black matte glitter). It ends up with a sort of kiwifruit effect which I wasn’t entirely aiming for but is a cool surprise. The only issue with trying to do jelly sandwiches with Ulta3 is they dry really slowly, so you need to commit a full 30 mins for the mani. If you try and use a quick top coat to fudge it you get some weird bubbling in the inbetween layer.

What is your favorite fruits? I love the stonefruits (nectarines and my kryptonite – fresh apricots). Nom Nom Nom.

Purgatory (and the joys of being a mother on school holidays)



Here are some initial snaps of Purgatory by ILNP. You’ll notice I haven’t finished cleaning up in them yet but wanted to see how it looked inshade and sun. It seemed to be in that really close to black but not quite space… and I thought I might struggle to capture the teal shimmer.


The sun is definitely the best for showing that it has a lovely blue green shimmer but it will look basically black in normal light. I’m not huge on those polishes – I like my blacks black, and jewel tones as jewel tones.

Anyway next thing I was called away on urgent mum on school holiday business, disconnecting lego pieces, opening paint bottles and finding pieces of marble run. So I didn’t get to clean up straight away …. and you can probably see where this is going,


Close up shot of my torn ring finger. Anyway, nails grow (*sob*) as do children and before I know it they won’t need me so I just try to remain zen. Saying that I’m getting very very excited about school going back in two weeks. The last weeks of the holidays are a kind of purgatory of their own I guess!

A very Merry Goth-mas

I realised my blog has been a little… nail centric so decided to splash out on a black lipstick. I’ll admit that I was quite taken by some of the pictures of MAC Hautecore (swatches by Temptalia) but the price tag seemed a little high for what was unlikely to be a commonly used lippie in my collection. So instead I went for the $3 ulta3 Onyx lipstick. It’s described asĀ  matte black lipstick.


It did not under any circumstance get to an opaque finish, I think you’d need to layer with an eyeliner for that effect. Equally it was sleeker and more mosturising than I would have expected for a matte finish, and the combination meant it was a bit prone to feathering… and the light finish really does me it would need a full pencil undercoat as the coats are so sheer.


I wore it out and about for an hour then came home and worked up a fun opaque grey lipstick by combining it with Revlon Ginger Rose. This wore really well (8 hours) and looked quite effective but I did not manage to take any photos somehow.

Generally speaking I don’t think it’s overly flattering on teeth though, I had the impression from various editorials it was going to make teeth look really white but it casts a greyish sheen onto teeth so they actually look quite dark .