Roadhouse Blues by OPI

Roadhouse Blues is a dusty navy blue. It’s a unique shade with a lot of depth and an absolutely delightful formula. It’s a cousin to Lincoln Park after Dark but leans to the blue rather than purple end. It’s a deep interesting shade, even as a creme its unique in my collection.



Moonlit Woods by Revlon

I’m finally going through my untrieds pile and came to this bottle of Moonlit Woods by Revlon. It’s part of the Parfumerie range. The bottles are adorable and the polish is scented. The scent is hard to explain on this one, not entirely what I expected but a sweet floral sort of scent. The color is a very pretty silver-blue-purple but the very small thin brush makes it very hard to get the finish to the level that you’d like. An OPI style wide brush would be ideal however it’sd be somewhat hard to get it into the bottle!

Moonlit woods revlonMoonlit woods revlon

OMD2 – Favorite polish (so behind I’m heading backwards)

My favorite polish at the moment is probably Emily De Molly Oceanic Forces. It changes regularly though, but I do enjoy a dark green-blue with circle glitters. On the two middle fingers I have Emily De Molly Oceanic Forces, on the two out fingers I have ILNP Purgatory which echos the dark green blue of the jelly and on the thumb I have Catrice Petropolitan which echos the greener tones of the glitter with some teal microglitter like the other two polishes. Unfortunately the weather is a little glum and rainy here so its hard to capture the sparkly depths of this mani – but it’s absolutely stunning
photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

No Limits – Nicole for OPI Swatch

Today I have a swatch of Nicole for OPI No Limits. I picked this up recently when Catch of the Day had free shipping over $20 and I had an OPI top coat and OPI base coat in my basket…. leading to a total of $18.98. For $3.99 I got to pick a NOPI polish and save $8 in postage, so essentially it cost me about $1.

Oddly the website describes this as a black polish. It isn’t black. Its a very deep inky blue, the type that was very popular 3-4 years ago. Image

It’s a nice opaque polish, a one coater if you are careful and has work delightfully well. It’s not all that unique, especially as it’s been duped to the sky and back but I do adore an inky blue so it’s a good buy for the formula, pigmentation and wear time if you are in the market for something in this color family.



Galaxy by Sportsgirl Nail It! over Scorch by Illamasqua

Galaxy is a matte glitter topper with blue and green hex glitter in a meduim and small size. Sportsgirl have been doing some pretty cute ‘indie-esque’ style matte glitter nail polishes which I love as I like the look but find the drama associated with the indie brands a little bit much to deal with.


Generally they retail for $8.95 for 10ml as well, although this one was on special for $4.95. I decided to layer it over scorch by Illamasqua (a pure white) but I have to say it did not want to play nicely with the illamasqua polish. Next time I’m going to try it over a cheapie essence or Ulta3 and see if it’s happier with those formulations.


I’m really happy though to see Australian shops trying some different looking nail polishes and not just duping OPI all the time!

RAIN RAIN rain rain RAIN go away

I have not posted recently not only because I’m busy but also it’s been so damn rainy I cannot get a decent photo. This is the best I can get of Russian Navy x which was an OPI christmas set I bought to gift to someone myself. It came wlaith “hair tie bracelets” which I had thought were hair ties but turn out to be some weird glamor version of the spare hair tie around your wrist. Hahha.

Russian Navy is the original blurple, navy blue that turns purple in some lights. It has a holo shimmer that gives a gorgeous depth. is a purple, pink and teal meduim hex glitter with some fine teal glitter. It’s very funky but I actually don’t think Russian Navy is the best base for this polish. I think a lighter base is probably the best base for this one.



NOTD – I don’t give a Rotterdam (matte top coat).

I am loving this L’Oreal matte top coat. It’s such a great brush for a mini and just works quicky and dries well. How pretty does this polish come out matte! I love the blue-grey subtleness. 


I need to get back to posting more regularly but the beta testing for the next version of My Makeup Collection is continuing and I’m totally busy. On the bright side I’m so exited by how v2 is looking!

Catrice Petropolitan x Sportsgirl all that glitters

I had a long term crush on Petropolitan from all the pictures I had seen on UK beauty bloggers. I love a greyed out blue, and a blue-green and this was a greyed out blue-green with teal shimmer. Winner. I can’t seem to get Catrice polishes in Australia but found this one in Singapore so yay. (I hope some one starts stocking it locally as Essence is so popular and Catrice is the sister brand) It’s as nice as I hoped, all though a little sheer. This is 2 coats but I think it would be happier as a 3 coater as I have some patches of not excellent coverage at 2 coats. I topped the middle two fingers with a coat on Sportsgirl all that glitters which is a fine and meduim hex gold glitter topper. Its nice, but fairly similar to a lot of other toppers on the market in the sub $10 polish market. I do like fine glitter shimmer, it really makes the polish sparkle.


Blue Mosaic by Revlon

From the same collection as Facets of Fuschia is Blue Mosaic (later repromoted as Radiant). Its a very light blue jelly with pale blue, pale green and silver mid sized hexes and fine silver glitter. I don’t think this one does go opaque but may if you went to 4-5 coats? This is two coats over Revlon Lunar (a black creme). Its a pretty polish but it takes quite a while to dry even with Revlon Quick dry Top Coat so its not often in circulation around here. Patience is a virtue but not a practical one in my house with small children running amuck!