Lilipad Lacquer – Pulp Fiction

This is red-brown linear holo that I picked up a while back from Femme Fatale cosmetics. It’s really pretty and has a nice strong holo. It also wore spectacularly well for a holo – I have 4 days with only minimal chip wear.

Lilipad Lacquer Pulp Fiction swatch


Stagnate by Illamasqua

stagnate illamasqua

This polish is from Illamasquas Toxic Nature collection. It was a precursor to the spate of paradoxal greyed purples, in that it was a muted brown-grey-purple. It’s a related shade on the colour chart perhaps, but the paradoxal shades all looked pretty where this shade (similarly to all the colours in that collection) is an ugly beauty. It truly calls to mind a stagnant puddle of water, dark with muck and slightly off natural shade.

While compared to any polish from another brand this is a long wearing polish, it definitely doesn’t wear as well as the later Illamasqua polishes although if memory serves me correctly it may have been better when ‘fresh’. The formula is self leveling and has a true to bottle shade match.

Cerise noir by Rescue Beauty Lounge

These are a couple of photos of Cerise Noir by Rescue Beauty Lounge.Image

They describe it as chocolate dipped cherries – it’s a red toned brown creme. The formula was lovely but the wear is not all that spectacular – I can already seem glimpses of tip wear at about 8 hours out.

This is a nice colour though, very sophisticated and fall like. I think I’ll probably try some glitter tips to prolong the mani as it looks like it might be a nice match for a gold glitter.


Essie Case Study with black stripy lines

This is a mani with Essie Case Study and Revlon Lunar.Image

Essie Case Study has a lovely formula and it wears really well (chipfree on day 3). It’s a light brown latte-ish colour, probably nude on someones skin but not mine! I like a neutral like this to sit under glitters and this does the job well and is a good office neutral sort of colour.


Wolverine Inspired Manicure with Adamantium Claws


This was inspired by the latest Wolverine pic. I freaking love Hugh Jackman. Such an awesome example of Aussie masculinity I think.

I have used a base of OPI My Private Jet. It took me a while of experimenting to get claws I liked, foil finish polishes are so finicky to get looking good. I was cursing my lack of foil nail decals to shred, but then I realised that the inside of the foil pack my coffee bags come in could easily be cut and glued on. I like the way it turned out too!


The holo is subtle but comes out in the light and the claws are sharp and bright! just like they should.

Bacterium by Illamasqua

I still have the flu. Is there a more aptly named polish for feeling flu-y than Bacterium? (probably ‘Virus’ but still :P) This is described as a pearlescent ash ocre but looks like a light tan polish with a blue shift in the pearl. It definitely does look a little wrong or ‘off’ (in a way that totally suits the concept!!), like something decaying or infected.


As it expected the formula is great and wears really well. The finish is almost like a foil so it’s not overly forgiving on any nail texture so suits a good buff/undercoat underneath. What do you guys think, yay or nay?


Freckle by Illamasqua

Some of the school mums did a mani-4-a-cure night in support of womens cancers (one of the class mums has had breast cancer.) We all lent a bottle (or ten of polish!) and chose one to get manicured in by one of the mums who is a beauty therapist.

They had Freckle! It’s actually cuter and more delicate that in photographs, a soft tan with black matte glitter. I think that it actually would be a good office colour and with that sort of tone it also doesn’t show chips too badly.
Freckle Macro Illamasqua

I think it might be going on my Christmas wishlist!

Gold Glitter ombre nails

This is a super simple mani I did for a performance recently. It’s China Glaze Gold Digger with Illamasqua Faithful as a base (I told you I use Gold Digger a lot, its a deceptively useful glitter because it’s ‘plain’ gold glitter polish).


Anyway, Faithful was a borrowed nail polish so I haven’t swatched it before. This is Faithful, a warm latte toned brown with champagne shimmer. I did a photo with (index to pinky) two coats, one coat, two coats, one coat to show that’s it’s opaque in one coat but gains a lot of depth on the second (this is the kind of important info I like to get before I buy polishes haha hopefully someone is like me).


I’d actually describe the colour as a deeper warmer version of Butter London Yummy Mummy, which I described as being like the ‘nude’ colour on stockings. This one is a bit more like the ‘tan’ colour and probably would be a good alternative for mannequin hands for girls with a mid-dark, warm skintone.

My private jet by OPI – sad adventures in ebay

I thought it might be fun to do a full swatch of this… it’s my bottle of “My Private Jet” by OPI. Now as many polish fanatics know this was a HTF, especially in it’s first generation as gorgeous blue-brown holograph as you can see in the linked swatch by Polish Mayhem. Mine is not the pretty one alas.

My Private Jet OPI
About a year ago I found a reasonably priced bottle on ebay from a supplier I had used before, tens of thousands in feedback and decided to make the purchase along with some other polishes. It had a nice looking blue-y holo swatch, and I waited eagerly to try it. Then it arrived, and I guess you can see where this is going. I have the brown scattered holo version. I messaged the seller back and found she had lifted the swatch from a google search under the polish name. It was very sad as you can imagine… I got the bottle amount (grudgingly) refunded so I won’t name and shame but let it me said again buyer beware on ebay. As you can imagine I don’t tend to wear this as full manicure but have used it now and then in nail art. It is a rarely used polish and yet I haven’t given up finding it’s hidden beautiful side.