Wallis by Butter London

I’m a sucker for a grungy metallic and this green-gold shade hits the spot perfectly. It’s been on my wishlist for a while but when it came up on catchoftheday.com.au for half price, along with the Nail Hardware base coat and PD Quick top coat I pulled the pin.


I’ve traditionally not had much luck with wear time on butter London but using the branded top coat and base does make a lot of difference. It’s not quite Illamasqua wear times, but definitely in the range of OPI wear times. The sizes are also a little more generous than I realised at 50% bigger than their standard bottle with a volume of 17.5ml which makes the pricing a little more palatable.


See – isn’t it beautiful! Sigh, a perfect art deco type colour and so multi seasonal.


OMD2 – Glitter Placement

I am SO BEHIND on this challenge. This is the glitter placement day – my first urge is to ramp up the bling when I hear glitter so I thought I’d go the opposite direction, and did a base coat of Butter London Yummy Mummy and a top coat of Ulta3 ShowStopper with a matte top coat. Subtle as I could make it!photo

Alas the flaw with my plan was that Ulta3 does not always play nicely with some of the 3-4-5 free polishes and made the Butter London gluggy and a bit prone to dings and dents.

Best White Nail Polishes

The search for a perfect white nail polish can be a little frustrating. There is something very fresh and modern about opaque, yet shiny white nails but in practise white nail polish is often streaky and can look like white out if the color is not applied cleanly.


(If you don’t trust me, you gotta trust Queen Bey!)

My top 10 white nail polishes are;

Illamasqua Scorch –  this is seriously good as a white, but not really worth the price tag (it’s just a pure white with go texture, shimmer or other tricks). Try and pick it up on sale from Illamasqua.

OPI Alpine Snow – Pure white, but a tricky texture

OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls – slightly off white but slightly easier to work with than OPI Alphine snow

Essie Blanc – Snowy white

Essie Marshmallow – more of a jelly like texture which is nice if you want something less stark.

Picture Polish White Wedding – milky white base packed with rainbow shimmer. This formula is NOT fun (thick, streaky, goopy) and the polish is not always easy to obtain. Yet the shimmer is really pretty and lifts it to the next level.

Ulta3 Lily White – this is only available locally in Australia and is a normal white (ie slightly hard to work with) with a relatively long dry time (ughh) … and yet it’s $2. A good basic to have on the shelf.

Chanel Eastern Light – which looks utterly stunning, yet the price tag is somewhat aspirational 27USD/39AUD

Butter London Cotton Buds – which has got some good reviews but I find chips quickly on me. YMMV of course.

China Glaze White on White – this dries quickly. Its a pain to get streak free but no more than the average white and at least a quick dry time is a plus.

Do you like white nail polish? What’s your favorite that I should try next?

Essie case study vs Butter London yummy mummy vs Ulta3 earl grey


It can be hard to tell exactly where various neutrals fall on a spectrum so I thought a comparison might be useful. Left to right we have Essie “Case Study”, then Ulta3 Earl Grey and Butter London yummy mummy. I have reviewed the last two before, and found Ulta3 Earl Grey was a great creme neutral that leans on the grey/mushroom end of the scale. It has a very thick formula but levels nicely under a poshe top coat. Butter London yummy mummy is sheerer with a light shimmer. It sits somewhere quite close to a standard department store mannequin skin tone. Essie Case study is also a thicker creme with no shimmer. Its a nice formula to use but slightly sheer for my liking, with visible nail line after two coats. It sits on the browner end of neutral, somewhere around the shade of a latte.

Oh Hi, that’s right I have a blog…

Oh my poor neglected blog. Life does get busy and messy sometimes. Anyhoo…

I have been rather lusting over Artful Dodger by Butter London. It’s a sort of blue-grey that you don’t see very often. But I’m not buying cosmetics, and even when I restart I will not be buying Butter London – they just don’t seem to live up to the price point.

Sorting through my nail polishes I found a mini from a Claires set in a similar sort of colour family. It is a blue grey but much darker than the Artful Dodger and has a lavender like appearance in some lights. I actually really like the formula and the colour is really unusual but of course as Claires doesn’t put names on their polishes they are quite hard to rebuy especially online.


Pretty isn’t it! A couple of days later I layered a coat of BYS Glam Glitter to add some holographic glitter goodness.


It’s also a really nice backdrop for a quite ‘blingy’ glitter like this one I think.


Why we need gay marriage rights, not just civil unions (includes obligatory manicure ;)))


After seeing a lot of blog posts of the issue of gay rights, I decided I should do one as well, with an obligatory manicure. I used Butter London Pillar Box red and added strips of OPI Voodoo Pink on the ring finger. It was a bloody nightmare, Pillar box Red is a wonderful formula for a red creme over the whole nail but a bastard to do a tape manicure on. It took 3 tries to get this right and then I realised I probably needed a strip of red up the top but had not motivation at that point!

Anyway, it seems that a lot of people are leaning towards this idea that there is a simple solution to the issues of gay marriages which is letting churches run religious weddings however they want, and civil unions taking on the role of government/civil weddings.

I don’t think it’s entirely satisfactory though. Imagine if when women where agitating for the vote we were told ‘Look, it’s not that you can’t vote, it’s just people will be very sensitive it we say females can vote. So instead you can have an opinion. We’ll count all the opinions and it totally means the same thing we just won’t call it ‘voting rights.” Words do have meaning and weight, and marriage is one of those. It means something different to many people to say husband/wife/married rather than partner/defacto.

Equally, most couple don’t get married in a church.In Australia only 30% of couples get married in a church these days, it’s about 40% in the UK although as far as I can tell the US has a much higher rate of church based wedding. (I can’t talk to the culture in the US, so my thoughts are really more specific to the Australian context).Marriage is acknowledged as a largely civil institution these days in Australia and it’s wrong to hand ownership of it back to the churches.

Finally, I think that we have to consider how comfortable we are with letting churches make statements that would be discriminatory in other circumstances. What about if the church didn’t allow inter-racial marriages? Would it be something we brushed off as ‘well, it’s what they believe’ or would there be moves to change it? It’s easy to accept it as OK because people choose to join churches but it affects all the related parties, the kids growing up in families having to attend those church services and so on. I think it still comes down to a comfort level people have around whether homosexuality is a choice vs fundamental characteristic.

Seperate but ‘equal’ is not a great solution to civil rights, it’s segregation.

Red creme – which is best? Butter London Vs Illamasqua Vs Essence

So, this is a bit of an obsession for me… a true red creme.  In this swatch I have, pinky to index finger Essence Fateful ($2.55/5ml), Butter London Pillarbox Red ($19.99/11ml), Kink Flamenco and Illamasqua Throb which retails for (~$20/15ml or whatever the exchange rate is on 13.50 pounds).


Throb is one thick coat, whilst the others are all two coats. The middle two (Butter & Kink) lean to truer red, whilst the end two are both bluer reds. Kink is definitely the worst performing with a visible nail line until 4 coats. At two coats Butter London has very slightly visible nail line where Essence has none. I think that Essence had the best formula, followed by Illamasqua and then Butter London and Kink is definitely the worse. From experience the Illamasqua polishes are very long wearing, followed by Essence.

I think the winner here is Essence on cost and pigmentation, with Illamasqua as a close second with a great formula. The Butter London is nice as a truer red but does not live up to the price point.


Yummy Mummy by Butter London

This is my take on the neutral/mannequin hands trend. It’s supposed to make the fingers look longer by not breaking the colour line. No doubt would look much better if my cuticles weren’t as gross 😦

Butter London “Yummy Mummy” is a funny colour, pinky-grey-beige with a light pearl shimmer. It is surprisingly flattering for a colour that doesn’t sound great on paper. I have seen it described as mushroomy, but it really does bring to mind “nude” stockings from the 1980’s or department store mannequins with that slight shimmer in the colour. I do like it a lot though.

What do you think? Image