Oh Hi, that’s right I have a blog…

Oh my poor neglected blog. Life does get busy and messy sometimes. Anyhoo…

I have been rather lusting over Artful Dodger by Butter London. It’s a sort of blue-grey that you don’t see very often. But I’m not buying cosmetics, and even when I restart I will not be buying Butter London – they just don’t seem to live up to the price point.

Sorting through my nail polishes I found a mini from a Claires set in a similar sort of colour family. It is a blue grey but much darker than the Artful Dodger and has a lavender like appearance in some lights. I actually really like the formula and the colour is really unusual but of course as Claires doesn’t put names on their polishes they are quite hard to rebuy especially online.


Pretty isn’t it! A couple of days later I layered a coat of BYS Glam Glitter to add some holographic glitter goodness.


It’s also a really nice backdrop for a quite ‘blingy’ glitter like this one I think.



OMD – Matte

I don’t really have a good matte top coat so I had to make do with the BYS matte top coat. I used Orly Sea Gurl which is a graphite grey and mattifies to a kind of burnished steel. I gave it a crown/wavy tip of Essence front row or backstage which is a burnished gold. Unfortunately there really wasn’t enough contrast to get a nice effect.


OMD – Holo

This is a seriously holo glitter topper I have from BYS (a local cheapie brand) called Glam Glitter. All of the other colours seems to have serious colour bleeds on the shelf so I choose the silver. It has really chunky glitters, some in a meduim hex. It’s holo even in low light but WOAH sparkly in the sunlight.


I’ve layered it over midnight blue with is a super densely pigmented polish by Ulta 3 (another local cheapie brand). The downside for both polishes is similar; not 3-free, slow to dry (and easy to smear as a result), annoying formula. But the end result is a very pretty effect, sort of a glittery night sky.


Silver glittery goodness…

Revlon Silver + Glam Glitter

Revlon Silver + Glam Glitter

A quick manicure using Revlon in Silver (a light grey creme) and a top coat of BYS Glam Glitter. Glam Glitter is a silver holographic glitter with various sizes of glitter. It’s so pretty in real life, but struggles a bit with the BYS issue of not playing nicely with other brand polishes, and that is a bit of a fatal flaw in glitter top coat. Sigh.

At most 5 shades of gray

For this manicure I did gradient from whiteish to blackish. Now, originally I tried to do some nail art on the thumb as I was playing around with what the Stark manicure would be in Game of Thrones.


But it was an awful mess :(( so I decided to cut my losses and do a glittery accent thumb of Metallic 4 Lyf. This is what I ended up with. I used the BYS matte top coat on the main nails… and its not great at all. I bought one time I was feeling a bit poor but wanted to try matte nails. It, at best, gets you to a rubber finish but has the BYS ability to goo-ify any nail polishes underneath it, smells like a petroleum refinery waste product and take forever to buy. This is my problem… I always get suckered into what BYS offers colours/finish-wise and forget the smell and setting issues.

ombre mani

Anyway, the colours left to right are Nubar Black Chrome, Orly Sea Gurl, Essence Got a Secret, and OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls (and OPI Metallic 4 Lyf on the Thumb, with a Seche Top Coat). Black Chrome has a subtle shimmer that takes it back a notch from black and MBSW is a also a touch grimier than a true white so they all play on the grey spectrum.

So, in summary, don’t buy BYS matte top coat.