Best White Nail Polishes

The search for a perfect white nail polish can be a little frustrating. There is something very fresh and modern about opaque, yet shiny white nails but in practise white nail polish is often streaky and can look like white out if the color is not applied cleanly.


(If you don’t trust me, you gotta trust Queen Bey!)

My top 10 white nail polishes are;

Illamasqua Scorch –  this is seriously good as a white, but not really worth the price tag (it’s just a pure white with go texture, shimmer or other tricks). Try and pick it up on sale from Illamasqua.

OPI Alpine Snow – Pure white, but a tricky texture

OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls – slightly off white but slightly easier to work with than OPI Alphine snow

Essie Blanc – Snowy white

Essie Marshmallow – more of a jelly like texture which is nice if you want something less stark.

Picture Polish White Wedding – milky white base packed with rainbow shimmer. This formula is NOT fun (thick, streaky, goopy) and the polish is not always easy to obtain. Yet the shimmer is really pretty and lifts it to the next level.

Ulta3 Lily White – this is only available locally in Australia and is a normal white (ie slightly hard to work with) with a relatively long dry time (ughh) … and yet it’s $2. A good basic to have on the shelf.

Chanel Eastern Light – which looks utterly stunning, yet the price tag is somewhat aspirational 27USD/39AUD

Butter London Cotton Buds – which has got some good reviews but I find chips quickly on me. YMMV of course.

China Glaze White on White – this dries quickly. Its a pain to get streak free but no more than the average white and at least a quick dry time is a plus.

Do you like white nail polish? What’s your favorite that I should try next?


Catrice Oh My Goldness with China Glaze Gold Digger

The Catrice polish is a bronze-y orange foil shimmer. It’s a little sheer again needing 3-4 coats but is a lovely colour for the start of autumn. The brush is really easy to use again gives a smooth finish to the polish. Overall it’s a very smooth self leveling polish for a foil.


I topped with China Glaze Gold Digger just to cover up some tip wear from day 3 onwards but this was the extent of the wear until I got bored after 5-6 days in 🙂



Get Reddy by Revlon – guest appearance by China Glaze Electrify

I have previously been …. less than flattering about Revlon polishes. I just got some Revlon top coat as I’m out of Poshe and I tried it with Get Reddy. Its actually been surprisingly good at maintaining my manicure for the week they claim! I may have to eat my words 😦 Get Reddy is an really nice orange-y red with a warm shimmer. Its a good summer red for me, as it has a bit of warmth but doesn’t turn my skin tone in lobster paws.


After 5 days or so I was bored and had some tip wear so I put on some glitter tips with China Glaze Electrify (gold and orange glitter). The effect was awesome, the red and gold and orange looked like flames in the sun. Of course trying to get my camera to capture that sort of action was not so easy. The shot below is inside lighting in my kitchen but I still love it. 


Gold glitter comparison

This is a comparison of a handful of gold glitter polishes I have kicking around. Ring to pinky we have Ulta3 Gold Digger, China Glaze Gold Digger, Ulta3 Pot of Gold and then Essence Front Row or Back stage? which is a gold shimmer in a black base as a bit of a comparison.

The ulta3 polishes are both sheer in the glitter top coat style, with gold digger particularly sheer. Both are very yellow toned. Pot of Gold is a distinct improvement in the Ulta3 formula and dries better with a passing resemblance to the gold flake top coats we saw so much of last year, but with a much lower price tag.

The China Glaze polish is deceptively simple. It has a range of gold tones in a glitter rich, fine glitter mix. It is a great polish for gradients.


Jolly Holly by China Glaze

This is a swatch of Jolly Holly by China Glaze. It’s a mani I did 4 days ago and you can see there is really minimal tip wear. It’s from one of the past years Christmas packs – maybe 2011?


It’s a rich shimmery forest green and whilst it does bring to mind Christmas, its also a lovely polish for wearing through the year. The shimmer give a great depth to the dark colour.

This is one coat of China Glaze, with a Poshe top coat.

Gold Glitter ombre nails

This is a super simple mani I did for a performance recently. It’s China Glaze Gold Digger with Illamasqua Faithful as a base (I told you I use Gold Digger a lot, its a deceptively useful glitter because it’s ‘plain’ gold glitter polish).


Anyway, Faithful was a borrowed nail polish so I haven’t swatched it before. This is Faithful, a warm latte toned brown with champagne shimmer. I did a photo with (index to pinky) two coats, one coat, two coats, one coat to show that’s it’s opaque in one coat but gains a lot of depth on the second (this is the kind of important info I like to get before I buy polishes haha hopefully someone is like me).


I’d actually describe the colour as a deeper warmer version of Butter London Yummy Mummy, which I described as being like the ‘nude’ colour on stockings. This one is a bit more like the ‘tan’ colour and probably would be a good alternative for mannequin hands for girls with a mid-dark, warm skintone.

Subtle St Patricks Day manicure

I thought I’d do something a bit lower key for my manicure for St Pat’s, something Irish themed yet gentle on a hungover eye. So I’ve got Essence “Exits on Your Right” which is a lovely pastel mint green and an accent finger of China Glaze Gold Digger (for my pot’o’gold).

Hope you are all getting a nice sleep in 🙂Image