Bellabox October 2014

I am happy to say I got my bellabox before the end of the month this month. Yowser.

The best items are a Kester Black for Bellabox nail polish in Ruby Tuesday, which is actually corrally-orange more than red for some reason. It’s the first Kester Black polish I’ve tried and I’m utterly enamoured. The formula is thick but very workable and its a very vivid bright shade.


I also got a Rimmel Apolocalips in Celestial (101) which is a bright pink lip gloss/stain. It’s a very vivid colour when you swatch but fades to a workable colour.

I also got a sachet of a MOR handcream in neroli which is very strongly scented, so strongly that my kids have rejected their usual grab of the box as a ‘treasure box’. I also got some model co mixed sachet and some wipes, and a small travel sort of size deoderant. I also got a sample of pantenes new shampoo and conditioner. This should be handy as it’s the 4th set of them I’ve received this month. At least I’ll really know if it works on me, hey!

IMG_3921 IMG_3922 IMG_3924 IMG_3925


3D printers for makeup – as good as the store front?

There has been some tech coverage of a new 3D printer startup called Mink which let’s you colour match and print makeup. The coverage is a bit patchy but I have a few questions that haven’t been answered in the press…

  • How much are the refills likely to cost?
  • How will the machine deal with the different materials required for different materials (eyeshadows vs lipstick vs eyeliner)? Will you have to clean it between (yuck)?
  • How will the machine go with laying down ingredients that are designed to change from solid to liquid at room temperature, or vaporise (ie fragrances)? The 3D printers I have used tend to be quite …. warm and I can’t see how they will go with laying down a wax product like a lipstick that is designed to liquify at body temperature. Not to mention that the texture of a lipstick that has melted in the car and reformed is not quite the same so I think that the volatiles that escape are actually quite important to the overall texture and perfomances
  • This isn’t only an issue for lipsticks and such, what about the moisturising ingredients in powder foundationss like shea butters and such. These are the difference between a chalky product and something that really dissolves into the skin and blends beautifully.
  • Equally the texture of makeup changes signficantly between brands – there is a reason that people go gaga over urban decay/MAC/Guerlain eyeshadows in a way that they don’t over cheaper brands, it’s the fine milling and texture that makes all the difference.

So these are all the things I am wondering about 3D makeup printing. I think it’s still a way away to be honest, not so much as as it hasn’t captured an issue but that the technology is not at the right point to make this happen well. (I think you could make the product, but I think the quality is more likely to be Wet’n’Wild at a MAC price tag than the other way round).

To be honest I’m more looking forward to the point I can print randomn bits of Lego we need and can’t find around the place than lipsticks! That’s the true market for a $200 home 3D printer.

$50 Giftcard giveaway

How would you spend a $50 giftcard for Sephora or etsy or As part of the celebrations for us releasing the Android version of My Makeup Collection there is a giveaway running on our facebook page. Simply follow My Makeup Collection on facebook and post a stash (makeup) picture to our wall tagged with #MyMakeupCollection #Giveaway. It’s being drawn using on the 26th November so you’ll have it in time for those sweet black Friday sales!

Giveaway – Witchery Earrings + eyeshadow pallette

I got one of my semi-regular emails from Witchery with a surprise yesterday. You see Witchery is one of my favourite stores, and the cause of much overflowing in the shoes and wardrobe department. They have built up a lovely brand, very light and modern. I think they only have Australia/New Zealand/Singapore stores at the moment so might not be a name that UK/US reader know that well. The Witchery clothes include lots of lovely silk shirts and dresses which are my (credit card) kryptonite. The stores just feel relaxing to me. Anyway the email announced that I had some reward dollars to spend that would be expiring in a week. I was left in two minds as to whether I could spend these dollars during no spend time. It was not ‘real’ money, and yet part of my issue is also having less stuff and decluttering.

So my compromise position is that I ‘bought’ some goodies to give away to a reader. It’s some little earrings with Dream engraved and an eyeshadow pallette in Mulberry. To enter leave a comment below telling me what your dream is, and you can make that either a largescale “Win a nobel peace prize and buy a mansion” dream or more of a “Last night I dreamt I was a giraffe” style of dream.

You’ll get an extra entry if you are a follower. And it’s open internationally. I’ll randomnly select a winner on the 6th.

Witchery giveaway

Witchery giveaway

And so we begin…

So I think that the start must be to audit my current holdings so to speak. So I will start with cosmetics. This is my eyeliner stash, the revlon and illamasqua pens are definitely used most often followed by the cheapier designer brands brown one. As you can tell I am a bigger fan of liquid eyeliner than kohl which I use mainly for stage makeup.

The retail value on these would be around $26 each for the pens, $8 each for the rimmel eyeliners, $2 for the essence pencil and $5 for the DB eyeliner. So let’s say that I’ve got $75 in eyeliner invested, which I think we could say will last me at least a year. I can use the pens for 3 months each, and the other eyeliners have 2 times as much (rimmel brands) and 4 times as much respectively. So in theory it’s more like 2.5 years eyeliner but no doubt it will dry out and become usable before that stage…

Eyeliner Stash

Now I’ve ripped the bandaid off it’s time to tackle the other categories. Wish me strength!