Just spotted the lizard by OPI

This is one of those polishes I had to have then got and hardly wear. It’s a yellow-green foil duochrome that supposed to be a pretty good dupe for Chanel Peridot. It’s from the Spiderman collection.

Like all foil-y duochromesque polishes it shows up every imperfection on your nail (see my middle finger for evidence) and tends to be a pretty quick to show any bumps and scratches. That’s not excellent for me as I’m quite hard on my polishes.

You may have noticed my blog was a bit quiet – that’s because my teenager borrowed my camera memory card for a school photography assignment and wiped all my pictures. Thus you won’t get to see my last couple of manis 😦 Anyway, I have a blank memory card and I’m back to square one but have a few plans for posts so I should get more active again soon.


Not like the movies by OPI

This is a light green-silver duochrome (and a very shy lavender shift) with silver shimmer. It’s a hard polish to photograph but it’s very pretty and shiny, and makes me think of fishscales. It’s part of the Katy Perry collaboration with OPI and you can see her fun fashion-touch in the collection.

Now on the much less exciting side, the formula is not at all fun. It’s thin and brushstroke-y. I can’t get a decent picture of the colour shifts as I have bald spots on the longer nails with 2 thick coats. I might try it with a black undercoat but it’s really not great for the OPI price tag. And the wear is not good, I have light scratches even with two layers of top coat and it’s really obvious with this sort of finish. Not like in the movies OPI

Essence – Hard to Resist (but do resist the Essence top coat grrr)

This is a manicure using Essence Hard to Resist, which is an awesome duochrome. It has a really vibrant colour shift from shimmery purple to an emerald green.

Hard to Resist - EssenceHard to Resist - Essence

Hard to Resist - Essence

I have now officially run out of Seche Vite and other usable top coats so I thought I’d try the Essence Fast Dry Top coat, as I love their polishes and it’s cheap. Unfortunately it’s also pretty dire 😦 and half an hour later I got a big ding in the index finger. I disguised it with a chevron in Black Chrome and went to bed, then woke up 9 hours later with fabric smudges in all nails. I am pretty bummed about this given how good the brand usually is and may have to bite the bullet and pay for some new top coats. I have heard good things about Poshe so may have to stalk ebay for some. Any other advice on quick dry coats? Anyone want to tell me about good experiences with the Essence one?