OMD2 – Favorite polish (so behind I’m heading backwards)

My favorite polish at the moment is probably Emily De Molly Oceanic Forces. It changes regularly though, but I do enjoy a dark green-blue with circle glitters. On the two middle fingers I have Emily De Molly Oceanic Forces, on the two out fingers I have ILNP Purgatory which echos the dark green blue of the jelly and on the thumb I have Catrice Petropolitan which echos the greener tones of the glitter with some teal microglitter like the other two polishes. Unfortunately the weather is a little glum and rainy here so its hard to capture the sparkly depths of this mani – but it’s absolutely stunning
photo 1

photo 2

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Killa Red

photo 1


photo 2


photo 3

Topped with Ruby Soho

This is another one of my Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes. Luckily I have much nicer things to say about it. Killa Red is a blue toned red jelly. It applied easily, self level and looked fantastic. It’s a flattering retro-esque colour and had lots of shine. The weloar was also quite good with some tip wear visible by day 2-3.

After that stay I got a little bored so I layed Ruby Soho by Emily de Molly over this one. It gives the red toned glitters a great base and makes for a very interesting and multi dimensional festive, yet classic red nail mani.

Emily De Molly Oceanic Forces

Have you ever wanted something for so long then got it and not got around to using it for ages? That was me with this polish. Image

It’s just beautiful – a darkened teal jelly with holo fine glitter, meduim hexes and large circle glitters. It literally looks like bubbles popping through the ocean depths. (The holo glitters do not photograph well but this always seems to be an issue with chunky holo glitters!)

The formula is a bit of a pain – lots of fishing for circle glitters and difficulty in balancing colour depth on the jelly with glitter distribution. Th effect is just stunning though so I’ll keep going and see if I can make it work.


(blurry sunshine shot to try and capture glittery goodness)


Marrionaud Rouge Envie with Emily de Molly Ruby Soho

 The main colour here is Marriounaud which is a really stunning cherry red jelly. Its the kind of colour you just smile looking at. But it chips in no time at all 😦 so this is not one to wear for a week. The accent finger is Ruby Soho by Emily De Molly which is a red and pink glitter bomb. I have worn it previously with a black undercoat but wanted to try and get it opaque as an accent but alas it won’t get opaque even at 3 coats, and started getting quite chunkeriffic at the 3 coat mark so I stopped. None the less I think this will be in heavy rotation as a holiday polish, it looks very festive to me!


Emily De Molly – Majestic Flight

Another gorgeous Australian polish here. There are copper large hex glitter, meduim royal blue glitter, and large, medium and fine  teal holographic glitters in a teal base. It went on really easy with a good glitter payoff. The wear is OK, I have been wearing a lot of glitters so I have a peel off base coat and I find these tend to show a fair bit of tip wear on me – especially if I am in contact with a lot of water like I have been really  😉


Emily De Molly – Hole in the Sky

Emily De Molly Hole in the Sky

This is Emily De Molly – Hole in the Sky. It’s a periwinkle crelly with large white circle glitters, mid sized silver holographic hex glitters and small white, blue and silver glitters. Literally it look like drops of water gathering on a pond.

The formula is a touch runnier than I would have expected for a glitter so you need to take it very, very easy with the coats. It is more sheer than I expected (above is two coats) and need some care to resolve streaking. I think it would be nicer with undies – either a white or a blue.

Wear was lovely, no chipping until I took it off a week later when I had tired of the colour.

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