Priceline 40% off cosmetics haul

For the last Priceline 40% off cosmetics sale I gave myself a $50 budget and told myself I had to get some gifts with the hauling. I ended up with;

  • Essence Superfine liquid eyeliner pen
  • Velourlips in Grandmaster Pash (backup/maybe a giveaway?)
  • Velourlips in NY-Cee (backup/maybe a giveaway?)
  • Velourlips in HON-O-LOO-LOO – I really wanted ho-chi-min but it was gone. I’m hoping I can swapsy 😦
  • Velourlips – Rhi-Rhi-Wind – this is the other limited edition velourlips I wanted with the metallic shimmer
  • Savvy Ultra Matte in Miss Monroe – I kind of want to see how these look compared to the velourlips which as you can see I am addicted to
  • Finishing mist by Australis – I know this won’t be as good as the UD All nighter spray but I want to see how it holds up as summer approaches.
  • Maybelline Gel Eyeliner – a friend as just permanently swapped out her MAC Fluidline for this so wanted to try it.


What’s your advice – what should I keep and what should I giveaway 🙂


Essence sparkle sand polishes – “here’s my number”

Essence has come out with their version of the textured polishes the OPI/ChinaGlae/Zoyas have been doing for the last year. I’ve been reluctant to shell out for a big brand version of these as I wasn’t sure how much I was going to like the texture on me. (And as it turns out I do find it quite weird during the day).

The colour I went with is here’s my number which is a dark graphite grey with blue holo glitter. I have a lot of dark graphite type polishes but I really like them so I am I always up for a new one!Image

The polish really comes into it’s own in the sunlight when they holo sparkle comes out. Then it truly does look like sparkle sand!

photo 1

It’s a very solid purchase for $2.75! and gets my vote if you want to try the textured polish trend.

Where is the party? at the Diamond Arcade…

This manicure has Essence “Where is the party?” which is a green-purple duochrome. As an accent I have nails Inc Diamond Arcade which I scored in a nail polish swap recently. Its one of those new ‘shard’ styles of glitters (irregular sharp shapes) in a silver holo finish.

I wasn’t that excited about it at first but its very bright and holographic in the sun. It has a distinct texture though so if that bothers you it will require a couple of coats of top coat. Image


Cool-neutral toned skittle

This is a sort of cool-neutral skittle. The colours are

Thumb – My Boyfriend Scales Walls – OPI

I gotta secret – Essence

I don’t give a Rotterdam – OPI

Khaki Pastiche – Marrionaud and

Bleu Precieux – Marrionaud (which seems to have taken on a really different hue in this photo next to the others!).

The links are to my previous reviews/swatches 🙂


Graphite grey polish comparison

I own a lot of nail polishes in this dark silver/graphite family. I am comparing Illamasqua Snap, Essence luxury secret, Essence icy princess and Orly Seagurl. Icy princess is obviously much lighter and sparklier/shinier. Tonally luxury secret and Snap are very similar but the formula on Snap is much easier to use. Seagurl is darker again and slighter warmed in tone. In my experience its prone to chipping but is a nice colour to wear and a good formula to apply. Image

The first two polishes are one coat, the icy princess is 3 coats and seagurl is 2 coats. I think that luxury secret and snap are very comparable. My pick is the Illamasqua Snap, but it’s about 10x the price for 2x the polish so the Essence is a very good cheaper dupe.

What’s black and white and red all over?*


The answer, obviously, is my manicure. It’s ulta 3 stop the press over Essence Fatally Red. This is an exciting event moment as I finished Essence Fatally Red. Yes, an empty polish. That’s very unusual. Stop the presses is black and white matte glitter in a clear base which dried very glossy with no top coat.

Ulta3 has released some new glitters in the middle of this year. They are actually really good, they seem to have moved production to Taiwan on this polish and gotten over the mucky issue of the made in the PRC polishes not really drying properly. This polish is a pretty good dupe for the maybelline polka dots polish (which I have not been able to find in my local shops). And of course, the $2 price tag is pretty hard to beat. I’m so glad to have found a  good black and white glitter for so little!

*For non english speakers this is a childhood joke. The punchline is a newspaper, as read (past tense of read) and red are pronounced the same and a newspaper is black and white and read all over.

Gold glitter comparison

This is a comparison of a handful of gold glitter polishes I have kicking around. Ring to pinky we have Ulta3 Gold Digger, China Glaze Gold Digger, Ulta3 Pot of Gold and then Essence Front Row or Back stage? which is a gold shimmer in a black base as a bit of a comparison.

The ulta3 polishes are both sheer in the glitter top coat style, with gold digger particularly sheer. Both are very yellow toned. Pot of Gold is a distinct improvement in the Ulta3 formula and dries better with a passing resemblance to the gold flake top coats we saw so much of last year, but with a much lower price tag.

The China Glaze polish is deceptively simple. It has a range of gold tones in a glitter rich, fine glitter mix. It is a great polish for gradients.


OMD – Metallic Greys on a Black Background

This is a base of Revlon Black Lunar with Orly Seagurl and Essence Icy Princess Dots. I think it’s quite nice when the colour complement but don’t quite match in a dotticure and I love a random gradient type effect.

black and grey dots

I seem to have a lot of metallic greys but I do wear them a lot. Maybe I don’t need any more though!